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5000号 Elsa1
5000号 Elsa

Name 姓名 : 5000号 Elsa

Age 年龄 : 24 Years Old

Height 身高 : 165cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34E

Weight 体重 : 49

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Central Area 中部地区



Please quote seen from TT! 请说TT看见的!



Client provided video verification but we reserve providing resemblance opinion as all bro's expectation are different. 


2022-08-14 16:05Louis Says:
2022-08-14 13:15ss Says:
2022-08-11 08:24ss Says:
2022-08-10 21:16Ss Says:
No reply’s can check?
2022-08-10 06:48Ben Says:
She looks much more beautiful than these pictures, she said she has some relatives and friends living in Singapore, that’s why these pictures covered her face. This is understandable, She\'s only staying for a short time. Brothers, Brothers, arrange time and go to see her
2022-08-08 09:32小 Charlie Says:
Very young and pretty girl. Looks way better than her pics. Unbelievable tits, especially on her petite frame. What a sight. Speaks great English and very friendly. Great services and super tight down there if you know what I mean. Ended up extending time with all the money that I had left in me. Will repeat soon.
2022-08-08 09:23 Says:
2022-08-08 09:22Rong Says:
She is much prettier and friendly than photos. Figure proportionate and good for me. Be nice to her and you will be treated like her real boyfriend. Supposed to do just one shot but end up two shots, thoughts that I was old round two but her amazing BBBJ wake mi dick up. She is good in bed as well, worth trying for big tits sucker, l was enjoying watching her riding on me, she was like someone thirsty of having sex. Pay her money for extra shots plus tips for the hard work that can make my tools hard within the short time... RTF——- of course
2022-08-08 09:15Ice Says:

小仙女 Elsa

年龄 :20+ look young and bubbly

颜值 :8/10

胸围 :36 E

身材 :8/10

舌吻 :depend on person

陪浴 :yes if u request

猫舔 :8/10 wet n lots of tongue action

口交 :10/10 Wet n good suction! Ball licking/sucking was havens

舔鲍 :9/10 abit of fine hair, clean n nice smell . If u lick properly will be very wet

啪啪 :9/10 very wet n tight! Know how to clamp u !

约后感想 :Been waiting for her to come back since pre covid! Finally saw her in the room and it’s like going hotel with ur gf. Good services and never rush u. GFE is very high . Left a happy man and will be back soon !
2022-08-07 12:25Rong Says:
She looks much prettier than photos. She was like my long lost mistress who wants sex so badly. We hugged and kissed for good ten minutes the moment we saw each other. After a quick shower, we start making love and it was so good. I love fucking her from behind and listened to her moaning . Her pussy was so tight and make me want cum so so badly. Really enjoyed the date with her, will definitely rtf again
2022-08-06 19:30Wet Says:
Squirt queen!!
2022-08-06 07:14Oscar Says:
She is nice girl with good smile, and patient. And can talk a lot. I will see her again soon.
2022-08-05 20:58老公仔 Says:
刚刚去找Elsa了, 本人和照片一样美、好可爱好漂亮,身材很好看,服务很好,口话好,值得回头
2022-08-05 20:31zomg Says:
2022-08-05 19:44红魔鬼 Says:
昨天约了小仙女 Elsa

颜值 :9/10,有点像我一个表妹

胸围 :36 E,超级大,爱不释手

身材 :9/10

舌吻 :轻吻

猫舔 :9/10,喜欢她舔我的奶头

口交 :10/10 口活一流,舔蛋蛋,好像把整个鸡鸡吃下去

啪啪 :9/10 ,先是我在上面,之后换她在上面骑马,看着她的摇晃,很是享受

女友感 :10/10 很有初恋的感觉

伤害 :$240

地点 :乌节路酒店


约后感想 :妹妹人很热情,很会聊天,温柔体贴
2022-08-05 18:15Frank Says:
Very young, beautiful girl, very nice and good service, can speak English. Guys, don\'t miss her!
2022-08-05 14:22Jack Says:
Nice polite lady. With boobs.. accommodating with different fj positions..
had a nice boobs fuck too, boobs lover may give a try.

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