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M4904 An Qi(安琪)1
M4904 An Qi(安琪)

Name 姓名 : M4904 An Qi(安琪)

Age 年龄 : 23 Years Old

Height 身高 : 161cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36D

Weight 体重 : 44

Room 包房

WEST (西部)

Pasir Panajng 巴西班让



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【Unverified】Hotcakes dont fall from the sky, Pay only when you meet in person.


2022-08-11 23:57周泽楷 Says:
服务态度很不好,以为自己很好很美。假照骗!只會玩手机,要你快点射出来赶你走接下一个客人,要你自己洗操,没有按摩,帮你口交不到一分钟。这是我约过最烂的一个。这女孩心又不好只想要赚钱, 服务就很赶!地方又小又脏。兄弟跑啊!这又會被删掉的!ou
2022-08-11 06:00Jay Says:
Very Fake landmines don’t waste time! Services super bad attitude problem
2022-08-11 05:58Jay Says:
Very Fake landmines don’t waste time! Services super bad attitude problem
2022-08-10 18:36叶修 Says:
Services very bad , this girl show me attitude problem and very rude. Just want to make me cum fast and chase me away to pick up next client ,pic disappointing , photoshoot too much. Shower myself , towel looks dirty hygiene is bad . No kissing no licking , no touching . She just want money very turn off, bj less than a min caps on and cowboy u to end fast. This is my worst experience, I date hotel girls betters I spent money to be unhappy all guys beware! care this landmine! Pls don’t delete my comments let other readers and flee!
2022-08-10 15:43Hen Says:
Fake girl attitude beware date others better
2022-08-10 10:20Swagkid Says:
Very bad services very rush , they just want u cum fast and go. the girl so attitude problem , rl like auntie don’t really look like photoshoot is so heavy. Keep playing phone.fake moan, Cannot touch , kiss , lick , shower urself . It’s just 30 min season . Don’t waste money better girl outside

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