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Name 姓名 : M3110 Alice 爱丽丝

Age 年龄 : 25 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34D

Weight 体重 : 48

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Tiong Bahru 中峇鲁



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2020-05-31 20:00nike Says:
bros, please take note the real Alice has already gone back to china. This person just took over her number just to get customers. This person no longer exists in here. The one who took over her number doesn\'t even look like her at all.
2020-05-30 19:32Alex Says:

2020-02-26 01:40Seng Says:
Highly recommended!! when I step into the room, saw those boobs of her immediately made my cock instantly hard on....face on her boobs while she was standing up and I was on her release those boobs out from her spaghetti stripe and oh my those breasts are a handful to suck on looks legit C cup natural....keep sucking those boobs until she told me she was very wet below....and when I touched below ohhh myyyyyy wet sticky slimy she was.....NV seen a woman sooo Wet like her b4 so I went sucking on her breasts hard while I rub and fingered her wet hands reali enjoyed!! After tat she could not stand it anymore automatically came onto of me and rode on my huge big cock sucking and fondling those lovely breasts of hers....release my sperms in a missionary position and it was the best missionary release I had.....RTF for sure!
2020-01-29 20:56哥哥 Says:
2020-01-29 19:15 Says:
What u see is what u get! This goddess is indeed a temptress and will do everything to please.
Her services are TOP notch! The BBBJ is omg out of this world! Her boobs are so big and soft can stick ur number 2 in between until u shoot gao gao.
FJ: 10/10
BBBJ: 10/10
French : 9/10
overall services is fantastic! Will RTF!
2020-01-28 10:34 Says:
Bros, what’s the dmg like? Enter massage parlour and pay $50 and then inside pay $100 or will she ask for extra?
2020-01-24 17:07西門大香蕉 Says:
2020-01-22 22:46Banana Says:
2020-01-18 23:53Joe Says:
If you out with her. I confirm you will turn around looking at her. She got a very nice body and pretty face. Making out with her if like fairy tales.. Bonking your beautiful fairy making fantancy come true. Urge all bro to go and try and enjoy every single moment with her. I will be back for more action my dear.
2020-01-18 23:50Joe Says:
2019-10-27 03:45阿汉 Says:
2019-10-16 02:18Andy Says:
今天约了爱丽丝. 真人比照片漂亮。身体较小。一开始先帮我洗身体。 很细心的帮我洗, 还不时挑逗我,还在里面帮我口交。 差点就射了。 还好把持得住。 真的一点都不马虎。 看着她帮我69式口交, 感觉就要爆发了。爱丽丝不停的帮我口交还深喉,技术了得。 过后爱爱也很配合。 还主动叫我换姿势, 从后面来。 插着插着终于忍不住了。 爱丽丝人很用心不赶时间。 女朋友感觉超高。目前是我遇到服务最好的一位,我还会回去找她。一个字赞
2019-09-27 02:51Lee Says:
2019-09-25 10:20Andrew Says:

Hidden young sweet gem that i found.i was really surprised, she is really a young beautiful girl simialr to the pics. GFE was good might be due to our hot steaming chemistry.Although young,her catbath/BBJ was with alot teasing, likewise i also teased her pinky rubbery abalone. Fresh seafood as they may say. her suction power was great, can fele the cum almost being sucked out. Abalone was tight & easily wet,really like hearing her moaning voice,makes me really high.She is my go to for a great fuck from now.
2019-09-23 17:40哥哥 Says:
2019-09-23 17:02笨蛋猪哥哥 Says:
2019-09-03 02:33龙哥 Says:
2019-08-17 23:49德川家康 Says:
I have see her a few days ago service is super with good firm Brest pussy was nice and tight will visit her today
2019-08-17 10:04龙哥 Says:
2019-08-06 21:28Joe Says:
Alice is a very accommodating lady. If u r too rough she will tell u. Frenching her is wonderful. She is playful n like to tease U to make sure u r ok. pump n French her at the same time is really enjoyable.
2019-08-02 17:54Ben哥 Says:
2019-07-31 20:19Daniel Says:
Alice is a pleasant and sweet girl. This is my 3rd time visiting her. Those looking for a school girl experience should visit her. Will take initiative to kiss and hug you on meeting. Not a time watcher. Definitely worth every cent.
2019-07-31 19:59大卫 Says:

Oh my god this girl is really power with her service. GFE is good and no rush. Yes she really no handphone during the session. She live up to her standard. The BBBJ dam power and she really allows CIM. Impressive and recommend to brothers who need good service.
2019-07-29 11:06 Says:
2019-07-29 13:06Alice Says:

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