Girl Details/女孩详细


Name 姓名 : N+84 Miao Miao(喵喵)

Age 年龄 : 23 Years Old

Height 身高 : 168cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36B+

Weight 体重 : 51

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Central Area 中部地区



Please quote seen from TT! 请说TT看见的!




2019-10-11 10:36Wonderman Says:
She is really a powerhouse. Confirm a head turner while walking down the street. Personally. To me, nothing beat a really powerhouse deep throat。 She love giving me a long blowjob which I totally fall for it. I so afraid spending time with her as I wi fall in love with her.

Look-real person as in pic
Cathbath - wonderful perfect
BBBJ - her main strong point
AJ - YES. I skipped as I don\\\'t like it
Figure - car model. U know what I mean
Gf - maybe we click. That why she behave like my lover.
RTF - without failed. I will come back.

Highly recommend for bro going for looks. Skill and service.

Peace out.
2019-10-10 23:53Nickky Says:
Wolf bro. Going to keep my FR as short as possible yet as details as possible.
Arrange with Miao Miao and arrived early. She was free and I was damn eager to meet her. Up to the room and here I goes.

Door open. OMG. What a goddess view. She was more pretty and sexy then the pic. I was welcome inside to her room by her wearing a sexy Gstring with tight fitting dress. Once glance I able to see her perfect hourly figure. I confirm chop she can make it for pageant or car model type. Slim and sex and damn leggy. She stand around 1.68 without heal. With shoes.. Easily 1. 7+.

We french like long last lover/mistress/gf standard. Our tongue are fighting each other while deeply inhale and exhale.

We strip slowly.. Just like the lusty feeling on movie set.. Slowly and yet our tongue are locked to each other.. Hands are all over her and moving slowly to her Yong.. Pull her tong slightly and release with a Bang sound.. OMG.. It was good. We proceed to shower.. Fuck me man.. The shower was good.. So perfectly done on all spot of my body.

I keep staring at her figure and how I wish I can bang her there. She move to her kneels and suck like me no tomorrow. I need really suck and deep throat...i bend forward touching her wonderful shaped B+ cup.. Very handful and smooth..

Proceed to bed. Man man man man I can only say.. It was heavenly executed. The long Cathbath, BBBJ deep throating me.. Hell yesssssss.. I Cannot hold it longer.. Asked for capped and here we go for our sex journey.
Missionary, seating hugging and frenching, doggie. Sissor cut... Move to the mirror.. Banging her from behind was Good. DAMN GOOD. move to bedside and I end with missionary.

Chatted for a while and she told me she hungry.. Let go babe for supper.

Fucked me man. When I out with her.. So many fucking wolf are staring at her.. Those guys look.. Are all out to Eat her.. I am a lucky man to meet Miao Miao.. I Love You miao liao.
2019-10-10 23:35Natman Says:
Greeted by her in her Stunning beautiful face and figure ! So mesmerisingly attractive. Her looks is almost like photos,9/10. Very beautiful breast, pinkish nipples C cup. Very handful when grabbed, super soft and natural. 10/10 Wonderful figure! As per her photos, imagine naked! Flat stomach, protruding perfect breast and sexy butt. 100/10 max out. Did a bit of foreplay before going for fj, abit over excited and nervous so did not really perform well. Then fuck her in front of the mirror going in from her back and unloaded onto her, like a scene in pornhub. 9/10. Cleaned and hugged, lots of chatting with her. Very accomodating lady, almost everything i request she can do. No rush and lots of encouragement and laughter from her. Unloaded my armies on her. After that still have time, here comes her real service, girlfriend experience(GFE)! 10/10. This lady deserves the best treatment from bros here.
2019-10-08 10:51八阿哥 Says:
喵喵本人非常漂亮、身材火辣、穿了一件超短迷你裙、也没穿小裤裤。她弯腰那刹那、露出了滑嫩嫩的屁股那画面真的是无法形容 简直是目瞪口呆!她帮我脱衣服、折好衣服咱们就进了浴室。前后帮我洗的干干净净、接着来个浴中萧、爽死了!回去大床我趴着、她开始全身漫游。她的嘴就像接吻鱼、慢慢的吸、慢慢的亲从脚到背部。这环节继续整整有15份中、简直是超爽!她叫我把双脚抬高、立刻感觉到我的肛门被侵犯了!妹妹的毒龙技巧太舒服了、嗨翻天!立刻传了身继续吸和亲我的咪咪和胸部、我一边触摸那迷人的咪咪一边亲她的脸。到了关键时刻、她给我一个深喉口交。我的蛋蛋被她舔进嘴里了、接着是我的棒棒糖。她慢慢的舔、慢慢的吸、一深一浅的招式都快把我征服了。我简直受不了了叫喵喵立刻帮我戴套。她把我的硬竹蛏塞进了又紧又湿的迷宫里。轻轻的在我的身上推力、一上一下搞的她一直呻吟老公、老公我要、我要!我把她紧紧抱住、两人屁股坐在床垫一进一出、在享受整个爱爱的过程。到了高潮时候、我把她趴下靠背、把她双脚抬高、从慢速到快速、过程有10分钟。最后两人都一起高潮、满身都是汗水。
2019-10-08 01:42Coolman Says:
MiaoMiao is pretty n has nice figure.She chatty n also has a gd attitude.Fair n smooth skin also provide very gd service.High GFE .No regret meeting MiaoMiao.Bros pse take gd care n support MiaoMiao.
2019-09-29 22:33大馬 Says:
2019-09-28 11:20句子 Says:
2019-09-25 16:40大叔 Says:
这位美女真的给了我一个好大的惊喜! 1-13 的每一个服务都做了,而且还做的完美!服务真的没人可以比。亲生体验吧。
2019-09-24 21:07Bain Cap. Says:
2019-10-01 00:49Bain Says:
2019-09-27 13:27话你知 Says:
兄弟 赞同你说她服务是非常好但眯眯是天然吗
2019-09-24 19:38Big Says:
妹妹非常火辣,跟我做时,还说不要不要的。非常年轻漂亮。跟照片一样。thanks sexy !

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