Girl Details/女孩详细


Name 姓名 : S+33 Yan Ran(嫣然)

Age 年龄 : 23 Years Old

Height 身高 : 165cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36D

Weight 体重 : 50

Room 包房


Central Area 中部地区

$120/1/Massage+2 HJ


Please quote seen from TT! 请说TT看见的!




Menses / 例假


2019-10-23 00:52沉迷 Says:
2019-10-21 23:36Joshua Says:
The most beautiful masseuse, absolutely. Super shape, front and back, perfect. Massage is powerful, professional, relax the whole body, super comfortable service. RTM must

2019-10-21 02:12心碎男 Says:
嫣然美女态度好,服务超棒体贴的, 按摩手法很好很舒服! 一对挺立大奶让人销魂。接着重头戏上演了....服务感觉爽,技术好丝呼全身松解了,嫣然眼睛大大,样貌甜美, 身材好,温柔又体贴,谈天像朋友.

Highly recommended for massage lover to enjoy her wonderful service !
2019-10-17 23:32345 Says:
Had a session with this fabulous lady this afternoon .
Location is cosy and discreet . She stays alone .
Clean and well kept .
Her massage is well trained back in China .
Able to get all the vitals points
Good sensual and 4G roaming .
Good Bbbf with her captivating eyes locking onto to you .
Overall , it is a good session worth the money .
2019-10-17 13:03666 Says:
2019-10-17 23:37TTvip Says:
2019-10-11 00:47Chen Says:
Exactly same with the photo with sweet smile and soft voice.
Was treated by very good massage then followed by awesome BJ and HJ skill.
Head massage before shower at the end, let me totally relax.
She has nice curve, firm natural D cup but slimmer body than I expected.

Yanran complaint there is few people left reviews for her.
I believe that a lot people may have some thinking: don’t let people know this gem, otherwise I will be difficult to book her
2019-10-04 22:08K Says:
This girl massage is great and very seductive when she message you. Her bj was amazing and the hj is slow and sensual. She told me she never rushes customer to leave as she book every customer for 1 hr each. Def recommend all the bros that love big boobs to come and visit her! 10/10
2019-10-03 01:53胖子3 Says:
She back from her break and I managed to book an appointment with her this afternoon, after a full body massage with a happy ending, she did a facial guasha with head massage for me which is enjoyable!
2019-10-02 10:09joeblack Says:
She looks exactly like the photo (personally i find her prettier in person). She has the look and body of a lingerie model and she is simply the prettiest massuese that i have come across

Besides her physical attributes, her massage skills is top notch, right strength at the right spot and she is super friendly, never in the rush and gives you her full attention. GF feel to the max

When she goes topless during BJ, she will give you the FM look with her sparkling eyes and follow through with solid HJ with good grip. WOW, can die one

Room is spacious and clean with a hot massuese what else can u ask for.

Great company, great massage and a great experience

RTM? of course!!!!
2019-09-06 14:12小队长 Says:

2019-09-05 17:05Oppa Says:
Gorgeous girl.
Great massage followed by unbelievable BJ
Hand job brings you super high
Don’t miss this opportunity
2019-09-05 15:04John Says:
Beautiful girls, perfect figure, very warm service attitude, flirting very comfortable
2019-09-05 00:49Mi Says:
Very good figure, the same height as the model, strong and plump breasts. Unforgettable at first sight, massage is very professional
2019-09-03 18:35Bo Says:
Very beautiful girl, cheerful and lively, very talkative. Massage major, very comfortable
2019-08-30 22:40大详 Says:
漂亮 有气质 只见一面 终身难忘
2019-08-26 20:51Dchdia Says:
Had an opportunity to date Yan Ran
Looks just as good as the photos, and a legit great masseuse!
Will definitely be returning back for her out of this world bbbj
She\'s got a selection of costumes for your fetish if you want that too!
2019-08-24 09:08不高不帅 Says:
初次见面 眼前一亮 哇 美女!
接着她把浴巾脱掉 展现了她诱人夺目的身材
服务不用说了 你们试试就知道了 真的没得挑剔

唯一美中不足的是她忘了把手机开到振动模式 ,
服务到最后手机响的不停 完事后我提醒了 她说会记得

本来是要加钟的 可惜后面已经约满了
由于担心下次会很难越到嫣然 领走前已经预约好下次的时间了
2019-08-21 22:32金海鹏 Says:
花正浓 红妆随行

嫣然笑 眼眸真诚


海鹏 赋 赠嫣然
2019-08-19 21:20JJ Says:
Enjoyed her wonderful service!
A young and pretty girl with a sexy figure and 2 pairs of yummy. Melons with many costumes to choose from and I selected the air
stewardess costume for my handjob session.
2019-08-18 13:15Mike Says:
Excellent massage…A nice lady with good attitude and good service.
Looks 9 pretty lady
Body  9 very well maintain
Boobs D cup, very sensitive when you keep playing with it
Foreplay/teasing 9
Hj 10 out of the world especially in 69.
Attitude 10
Will surely RTM as she has a very good attitude, body.
2019-08-18 00:06Saha Says:
She is a beautiful girl. Real professional massage. I can vouch for her. She is
One of the best un town. Please take care of her
2019-08-17 17:14QQ Says:
Very good message, very beautiful exactly same in picture, fair and smooth skin, very friendly, service very good. Will RTM
2019-08-14 23:34Beng Says:
She takes pride in serving her client professionally, never was she on the hp while massaging me. While enjoying her delicate and experienced hands working to untie the knots on my aching shoulder blades especially, we also had a good chit chat. She can carry her conversation well, this is another plus point I like about her. I told her I really love her services except for one thing,which is when comes to booking,it is quite a chore. As I would have to wait for quite long for her to respond. She explained to me she has no choice as her appointments daily are packed and while working, she would placed full concentration on her work, only checking her hp again after her session ends.

As usual for the grand finale, I was treated to a delightful teasing session after she massaged me and cheer my dicky up!

I promised her to write this frank review about her, as my heart goes to her for taking pride in her work while giving us pleasure and soothing our aching bodies.
2019-08-13 00:08林冲 Says:
2019-08-12 23:32Dsds Says:
Skillful massage, pretty and sexy. Worth !
2019-08-12 13:04xiao long Says:
This ang pai is finally back after a long break. Managed to book her for a session yesterday. Although I have booked her before last year, she still got me mesmerised the moment I stepped into the room.

Yan Ran has a pair of beautiful eyes and nice figure. Her pair of boobs is of perfect shape and of course nice to touch. She gave me a very professional massage which I almost fell asleep if not for the “action” that I was hungry for. Needless to say, the sensual part was great with me surrendering in no time.

Will definitely return to look for this pretty gem again! Don’t miss out Bros!

2019-08-11 22:13BeowuIf Says:
Hmm she actually works hard for the massage, on-par with what you legit pay for in massage parlors.

Good for those with a sore body to experience. Would also receive a nice comfy head massage while you enjoy her beautiful eyes.

As for the hj, it\'ll be good to guide her what your sensitive areas are for your enjoyment.

Worth to RTM.
2019-08-08 21:58大胖子 Says:
This hot babe is the best looking among the massage girls on the web. She also has a devilish figure,enough to make you hard right away. Very good massage, never rushing, very professional. She will ask if the strength is right and the areas that needed focus. Nowadays, it is hard to find such girl who can do authentic massage and genuinely care for the clients. Furthermore, the setting is in a hotel with a big comfy bed. You will not get this level of quality services, attention and comfort in massage parlours. Lastly, the price is very fair but she actually is worth much more. RTM: Yes!
2019-08-07 21:43ATM Says:
Had a session with this gem last night, really one of the best experience I had so far.

Looks: 9/10 (she has the oriental look with big captivating eyes. Looks exactly like the photos)
Boobs: 10/10 (this one is a killer for me. Can’t get enough of her big round neh neh. She is gifted with such natural perfect assets)
Massage: 9/10 (professional massage like spa type, not hard tcm type. So I almost fell asleep)
Sensual: 9/10 (her sexy eyes and teasing touch – my 2IC immediately mari kita)
GFE: 9/10 (nice GFE feel throughout. Wish she is my real GF!)
BBBJ: 9/10 (shiok shiok max)
HJ: 10/10 (really skillful. cannot tahan for long, shot all my reserves for her)

To me Yan Ran stands out from the other ladies out there with her foxy look, nice GFE and experienced skills. Nice massage with very happy ending. Highly recommended!
2019-08-07 12:45Han Says:
Was deeply captivated by Yan Ran good looks and her sexy bosomy figure.

During the massage session, I had to control my excitement like a kid while eagerly anticipating her special that comes after and which was what I am after too, lol.

Her massage and teasing skills are simply divine, plus her BJ, I was in fantasy island throughout.

Can\'t wait to visit her again when my Vitamin M is replenished!
2019-08-07 12:42Atm Says:
昨天约了嫣然 本人和照片一样哦
2019-08-01 21:47Kung-fu panda Says:
Had a good and relaxing massage from Yan Ran. She is super friendly and high gfe girl. Hotel room is big and clean.
Very good attitude and accommodating. Nice soft original boobs and perky ass.
2019-07-31 22:45sdfsdfsdf Says:
simply superb....such a nice attitude... good company...!!!
2019-07-30 00:35无敌大雕 Says:
今天找嫣然按摩按摩技术棒 ,本人比照片好看身材超级赞,下次还会再约
2019-07-11 23:48帅哥 Says:
嫣然好棒!赞! 服务很棒和态度親切友善。 温柔体䀡, 很有耐牲,啪啪配合度很好和很能干, 很体贴女的朋友感觉爽! 眼睛大大,样貌甜美, 身材好水又多多。果然是精品级美女。棒!
2019-07-11 10:21Ben Says:
If you like 69, you will be attracted to her.
2019-07-09 16:38dj Says:
She is tall and has soft big boobs with a perfect perky ass, the figure of a swimsuit model. She is pretty with a hint of innocence, the kind that reminds you of your secondary school crash. Her curvy body and sweet looks is definitely a killer combination, gives me a hard on before she even take off her clothes.
BBBJ - 10/10
FJ - 9/10
Definite rtf , PS - I’ve lost count how many times I rtf her already
2019-07-08 20:34Longemont Says:
This lady is a real gem. Pretty, nice curves, big round boobs, friendly and good service.

Was in seventh heaven very quickly and I came with a blast! The best FJ I have experienced so far. Will definitely bRTF!
2019-07-08 18:45Kelvin Says:
Photo same as real person . Jus finish a session with her . Will a wonderful experience.
Body -10/10 ( 2 big spotlight ) woohoo
BBBJ - 9/10
Fj- 8/10 ( I was to fast )
Overall . I Will rtf

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