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Age 年龄 : Years Old

Height 身高 : cm

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Weight 体重 :

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Singapore 新加坡

Please quote seen from TT! 请说TT看见的!


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2019-10-23 20:46新手 Says:
2019-10-23 18:49不知道 Says:
2019-10-23 21:31没钱玩 Says:
听说 S+53 Phoebe 就是
2019-10-22 13:22Morrision Says:
Can have more tall gals? 可以有高挑的女孩吗?hopefully u can supply 180cm gals which I have not tried before. Most gals supply are most ly as tall as 173cm plus tall. There are guys like tall gals. Thanks.
2019-10-22 10:23KL Says:
2019-10-21 23:54Huatzai Says:
Hi admin, 1 of girls said i no record hence rejected to meet me. Is it need to register in wechat?
2019-10-20 02:27Mango Says:
Anyone tried N+63 Mango. All the reviews in chinese... seems fake. Recall there was a Dou Dou also N+63... lots of issues. Fake pix. Any feedback?
2019-10-22 16:42Mangolover Says:
thanks bro DDD, is her service good? all services performed ? sex toy ?
2019-10-21 12:44DDD Says:
yes she is dou dou using real pics now
2019-10-20 23:14Gun Says:
Real pics I can promise. Very nice girl
2019-10-18 11:52Guy Says:
2019-10-18 02:38Nealgc Says:
Hello admin, just can add me in WeChat? Thanks
2019-10-18 15:00TTvip Says:
Hi bro, your wechat cannot be searched. Suspicious status. you can leave your wechat registered number? I can try again. Note privacy setting.
2019-10-17 20:53NNNN Says:
im changing my number. how do i update my record
2019-10-18 15:00TTvip Says:
You can ask any of the girls you tried before to up update for you.
2019-10-16 19:05123 Says:
2019-10-18 15:01TTvip Says:
2019-10-14 21:12狼迹天涯 Says:
Hi TT , yesterday I dated N+91 yi yi , please add me.thanks brother
2019-10-18 15:02TTvip Says:
Did you add her wechat? If so you can ask her to forward my namecard to you.
2019-10-14 12:44Gentleman Says:

TT Admin,

Any idea when 小老婆 coming back?
2019-10-18 15:02TTvip Says:
Not anytime soon bro
2019-10-13 01:12Sting Says:
Just dated M+27, lovely girl. @TTadmin, please register me. Thanks.
2019-10-13 02:47TTvip Says:
You can ask the girl you dated to push your wechat namecard to me bro. Or you can leave your wechat for me to add you.
2019-10-11 19:46Guest Says:
Admin, Te Er go back china is it?
2019-10-13 02:46TTvip Says:
Let\'s just say she is not in Singapore now.
2019-10-10 18:57隱退 Says:
2019-10-12 21:39vv Says:

2019-10-12 08:30不知道 Says:
2019-10-11 21:57隱退 Says:
2019-10-11 08:25vv Says:
Are you Green Dragon Bro...
Hope you are fine.
2019-10-09 23:46Kent Says:
Rio will still come back?
2019-10-09 19:43疯狂少年 Says:
2019-10-07 21:33Kent Says:
Hi TT Admin, I just dated S+36, pls add me. Thx
2019-10-08 17:48TTvip Says:
Leave me your wechat ID bro, I will add you
2019-10-07 13:38VV99 Says:
Hi TT admin, has S+47 started or still need more time to settle down? SMS &amd call her but no reply :(
2019-10-07 15:10TTvip Says:
Started bro。 Probably busy
2019-10-07 12:25aisex Says:
N 90 丸子 和照片不一样,照片稍显成熟还有些胖胖。
真人 超极年轻 清纯 娃娃脸一点都不胖,大眼睛好迷人,不敢相信这是做工的妹妹,大学的校花学妹的样子。
2019-10-07 15:27有缘人 Says:
2019-10-06 21:26哈哈 Says:
2019-10-12 08:32不知道 Says:
2019-10-09 19:39疯狂少年 Says:
2019-10-07 06:01阿强 Says:
2019-10-06 07:06Moon Says:
你好 N1,66怎么不在了?
2019-10-06 01:10Happy999 Says:
2019-10-05 23:43Gentleman Says:
Hi TT Admin,

When is 小老婆 coming back?
2019-10-05 16:524:30 Says:
刚刚找了N+19 不对货就直接离开了希望她不要写我不好。
2019-10-05 20:584:30 Says:
2019-10-05 17:01TTvip Says:
2019-10-05 00:40 Says:
2019-10-05 17:01TTvip Says:
2019-10-02 22:31Cockanade Says:
2019-10-03 14:50share Says:
which girl you booked and had a bad experience ? pls share bro cockanade
2019-10-02 19:27Dick Says:
Hi admin, if I am a first timer, how do I book the girl?
2019-10-08 17:48TTvip Says:
Then you can ask the girl to register your number for you.
2019-10-08 16:46Dick Says:
What if I don’t use wechat?
2019-10-02 20:38TTvip Says:

2019-10-02 15:23first-timer Says:
2019-10-03 15:05faker Says:
hi first-timer
if you find the girl looks very different from the photos, just walk away, it is a case of using \"fake photos\". Why should you give tips to a lier ? after that pls share the girl name with us on this discussion and the wechat group to warn other brothers.......thanks
2019-10-02 18:47TTvip Says:
2019-10-02 17:25不知道 Says:
2019-10-02 00:28DatGuy Says:
Hello Admin is N+36 Sweetie(甜心)ever returning?
2019-10-01 21:07Kenn Says:

2019-10-02 00:00TTvip Says:
2019-10-01 13:24女神控 Says:

梦萧 杜鹃 和 sandwich 几时回来?
2019-10-02 00:01TTvip Says:
2019-09-30 15:30op Says:
2019-10-02 00:01TTvip Says:
2019-09-30 14:57IKR Says:
Hi TT,

Can you design your discussion forum such that the latest reply to previous thread is placed at the topmost page, currently we need to scroll down to the older thread to read the latest reply............very inconvenient...thank you
2019-10-02 00:02TTvip Says:
Point noted bros, will upgrade this once I have the chance.
2019-10-01 14:38me2 Says:
I also have same problem, I think it is the website design
2019-09-30 22:19DD Says:
The problem is with your browser
2019-09-30 14:53IDK Says:
TT only brings in China mei mei
2019-10-02 00:05TTvip Says:
We do have our long time partnering agent who has been provding gems like 静静,钟情,小老婆 and several others just to name a few. We would also love to work with any regional agents who can provide more racial variety of girls for our bros.

If anyone knows of any agent who wish to promite their girls, can feel free to leave a message. We would love to work something out.
2019-10-01 14:41ykm Says:
and most girls are brought in by their agents, not by webmaster
2019-09-28 10:16Hello Says:
Hi admin, could you bring in some Caucasian girls? More variety!
2019-09-28 04:21老大 Says:
请问rio是暂时休息还是回国了 我等了一个月都没约到
2019-09-28 17:24小生怕怕 Says:
2019-09-24 22:51Ericlow3001 Says:
Hi, I today dated yaoyao. But she did not register my number, try date other gal tomorrow but find no record. Really don\'t know what to do
2019-09-24 20:11Kk Says:
2019-09-30 16:17高山淫水 Says:
2019-09-24 14:34small7 Says:
Hi webmaster

What happened to small seven ? taken down after one bad comment from bro ?
2019-09-30 15:44KKK Says:
@aaaa you rejected the most expensive girl on TT $300 ? real or not ? whats wrong with her appearance ?
2019-09-28 08:40aaaa Says:
she not pretty la reject on spot.
2019-09-24 16:46TTvip Says:
her time is due, gonna RTC bro. There is no verified bad comment on her.
2019-09-23 23:16CC Says:
Hi, just wondering if the girls can go outside? and this is my first time trying this website, when it says click to SMS, how do you do that, doesn\'t seem to work on PCs? Thanks.
2019-09-24 17:46BCC Says:
bro cc, even if the girl is willing to go outside, you need to pay all her expenses (her time, tranport, etc...). Anyhoo, since you are NEW to this site, dont think any girls will take you due to your no record status.......good luck
2019-09-24 16:46TTvip Says:
Use your mobile bro
2019-09-23 11:45Hosehboh Says:
Where is jiu er?
2019-09-23 15:02TTvip Says:
2019-09-23 10:05P Says:
2019-09-24 13:19P Says:
2019-09-23 15:01TTvip Says:
2019-09-23 07:44faner Says:
2019-09-23 15:01TTvip Says:
2019-09-23 00:26Jacky Says:
Admin, Where did 百合 go?
2019-09-23 15:01TTvip Says:
2019-09-20 16:56Dosappointed Says:
Something I cannot tolerate reusing the hotel towels
Visited Sisi $200 and after the shower, she said she go out to take towel.
After the deed, I noticed that there are a few pieces towel, open out for drying.
Then she was folding them right infront of my eyes.

This one I cannot accept as cus hygiene is very important.
Cus choose to visit gals in hotel due to better environment and cleanliness.

Moreover I did not underpaid her so why sld us get a reused towel in this sense.

Just a penny of my thots and share with all bros.
2019-09-23 15:00TTvip Says:
I think we can close this issue. Girl has been reprimanded and advised accordingly. She will not do it again. Let\'s move on.
2019-09-23 12:44FAFAFA Says:
bro LLL, there are only 2 $280 girls on this website, Doudou and Muge, which one asked you to use face towel ? I hope TT can educate the girls on basic hygiene by providing new towels to all paying customers like us........
2019-09-22 01:35Realistic Says:
I hate it too. Face towel already very bo sim.
But hang dry and reuse is totally unacceptable. Easy to kenna skin diseases and infections.
There are private towel vendors out there, don’t bluff us never study much.
2019-09-21 23:09Disappointed Says:
I’m pretty easy going as I know they are not easy too.
As I do not wish to go into details,
I personally felt that they sld factor this as some pay $20-$30
For extra towels. Afterall, how would u feel if the restaurant tell u they run out of cutleries??
Piak Qi right... hygiene is impt.
Don’t u guys agree?
Service average I can uds cos Mayb no chemistry but at the minimum fresh towel sld have. If don’t have,
Be truthful to us. I can use toilet paper to dry or hair dryer. Not a reuse towel in this case.
2019-09-21 18:33Rocketman Says:
Bro, frankly speaking u must be catching the 2nd or last bus,i think most of them r the same it just happen u saw it,i usually brought my own..They can\\\'t get so many towels from the hotel.For mi beatiful girl,good services are more important..
No harm done small matter only ,Bo pian lah just bring along ur own towel.Happy bonking just enjoy..cheers\"Like old saying saying have gun will travel\"
So boh pian just bring along personal towel & start bonking 8
2019-09-20 23:04LLL Says:
yeah some of the girls especially the new one they are just too shy maybe because they can\'t communicate with hotel staff in English to ask for towel or room service.Once there\'s a girl asked me how to tell help desk for room service in English. Recently I visiting a $280 girl in a 5-star hotel and what surprised me was she offer me face towel to dry up after shower and ton of used towel in the bathtub.I\'m thinking what\'s the point to pay so much for a 5-star hotel room if you can\'t ask for room service?
2019-09-20 22:11123 Says:
@dosappointed what you used after shower ?
2019-09-20 12:58LLL Says:
TT, why did you delete the ratings of girls by bro Aisex ? they are very useful to rest of us as a reference!
2019-09-24 17:52blurrsotong Says:
bro aisex, pls repost your ratings, thay are very useful for other brothers.....
btw, how do the girls know that you are the one that wrote the ratings ? very curious to find out
2019-09-21 11:15White knight Says:
Aisex Bro. I too saw your original post but just a quick glance. Do SIC again. Not aleays can see true review. Many thanks.
2019-09-21 00:17LLL Says:
But anyway this imposter writes out my mind.I see nothing wrong with Aisex\'s post either,not sure why he take it down just because of some complaint for not gave their favorite girl a good ranking?it\'s just aisex\'s personal ranking. Btw that guy\'s so-called fav girl I gave her even meaner comment on the other website cos I don\'t like being asked to wait for makeup when the time is up and the girl looks way older than stated
2019-09-20 23:49FR Says:
it’s an interesting discussion, but the position ratings was too hush, I was looking for a gd recommendation, but the write up was of not much help.
A gd S experience depends on the guy himself. Nothing else. All girls can perform. A girl who do not french and she give you a long deep frenching. You know she is in to you. All girls can perform, now only who is the most chio China girl. Hard to find, maybe chio only to Malaysian or Singapore girls .
2019-09-20 21:10TTvip Says:
Yes, I affirm the Thread Starter is not the usual LLL that uses this nick. Just FYI.
2019-09-20 21:05LLL Says:
why did you comment using my ID?
2019-09-20 20:48aisex Says:
那个帖子客观上 给妹子们造成了不必要的伤害,Mi 兄当时说的甚是,我不该太过主观,不仅对排在下边的妹子们不公平,也给排在前面的妹子们带来了不必要的烦恼。给我深爱着的妹子们道歉。但我以后还会尽量写 真实的评论的。
2019-09-20 17:08FR Says:
Haha he request to delete. Gd work himself.
Rio was place first in the rating but she do not give frenching and nipples cannot suck correct. Price $240.
Rio body really looks perfect in the video, video shows the NN is really big but a few bros says it’s only a B. Her face I m not sure not my type. Some angles from photo shows not tat pretty. Maybe she only French n let guys she likes to kiss. Haha

2019-09-20 15:27toolate Says:
wasted, I should have taken a screenshot, very useful write up
2019-09-20 13:26TTvip Says:
It was request by Aisex bro himself.
2019-09-19 01:47Hosehboh Says:
How come Fan Er is deleted?
2019-09-19 03:22TTvip Says:
Menses bro. Taking a break.
2019-09-18 19:18you Says:
2019-09-18 20:16aisex Says:
暂时没有 记得以前有过混血的。好像还有过一次俄罗斯的,但几天就下了。
约洋妞 去外网,但要注意,假照片比较多。
2019-09-18 11:33yy Says:
2019-09-18 00:09TTvip Says:

2019-09-18 07:51soso Says:
网主,我看反应凡儿 态度问题的 不止我一个吧。一个被国内年轻小妹抢饭碗的过气外围,我看是被SG的兄弟们给惯坏了。
2019-09-17 23:18LLL Says:
N+63 doudou 的评论网主那么轻松就删了?如果她还是那样没改的话,很多兄弟会掉坑的。我看她之前的评论觉得不少人掉坑了。

2019-09-18 11:24concerned Says:
Doudou $280 has been taken down, kudos to tt. Should not have hanged her in the first place with her history of using fake photos and bad reviews from brothers
2019-09-17 17:20求知的牧童 Says:
2019-09-17 22:44LLL Says:
2019-09-17 13:28羽太郎 Says:
2019-09-17 23:01LLL Says:
2019-09-17 10:30LEGEND Says:
When is Scarlett back?
2019-09-16 19:44aisex Says:
2019-09-17 15:08Guest Says:
Fishing means “Police” idiots want to act Police and bully the 妹妹. lmao.
2019-09-17 14:14James Says:
2019-09-14 18:42VIP Says:
2019-09-15 10:33James Says:
2019-09-14 14:44Unknown Says:
N+27 Jessie no more suddenly? Admin any ideas what happen to her?
2019-09-14 15:09TTvip Says:
She\'s taking a rest bro.
2019-09-14 09:31Guest Says:
Admin, Where did N67 Liu Mei Ren go? She still in Singapore?
2019-09-17 01:50Fuckyku Says:
How to book her, she is good
2019-09-14 15:08TTvip Says:
Agent just say hide advertisement bro.
2019-09-14 07:35Lav Says:
Any bros have experience... working massage girls and she wants you to be her bf?
As a bf to these girls, what’s good abt it?
2019-09-28 04:50Lav Says:
Frank u trying to track her down? Bj with cap to all customers. I get bbbj this is wat she says.
2019-09-24 11:00Frank Says:
@Lav The girl only do massage? Or she do bj or more listed on her profile?
2019-09-21 22:42Frank Says:
The girl only do massage? Or she do bj list on her profile?
2019-09-21 18:59Lav Says:
Tan, my sincere apology, I cannot name her.
2019-09-21 11:04Painter Tan Says:
@Lav Which girl you are referring to as boyfriend?
2019-09-20 17:41Lav Says:
Since not much info, I share mine, as a bf, fj with her is hot. She is very hot. Her sound n passion is top notch. Probably she is a dead fish with others. I dun know. She says she only interested to make there money by luring these guys into the mp. Before appointed as a bf I already got top svs from her. So no difference. It’s best not to be a bf to them, it will be complicated. Being a casual friend or customer is the best. My first time bf to a girl in this site. Inexperienced so I ask any bros gd or bad experience. But looks like I get to have everything of her and her passionate fj which is the privilege.
2019-09-19 02:13Lav Says:
James Lugi means disadvantage
2019-09-16 15:41James Says:
Lav Can I askbu a question?????
What is lugi
I can\'t get it.
2019-09-16 07:20James Says:
totally agree with u
2019-09-16 04:57Lav Says:
looks like there are no perks.
But any positive things to experience? Dun worry I won’t give her extra cash.Hehe. Those give lugi at the end.
2019-09-15 23:56Thank me later Says:
You will get the privilege of burning lots of cash in exchange for doubt, arguments, heartache.

You will think she is different, this is real, she is not like the others. You will not be the first or the last guy to fall into similar trap. Good luck!
2019-09-15 13:55Lav Says:
Same girl is not biggest issue now. Now is as a bf gf. Wat is the perks or privilege?
2019-09-15 10:25James Says:
Lav I think we met the same girl.

Coz last week one girl also ask me the question like that.
2019-09-15 03:37Lav Says:
Lucky boy, have a few , share to me . As a bf wats the privileges? Got a ML pop me the question last week. I yet to reply her. Sounds like a trap. Bf with ML girls. I do not have experience so hear from experienced bros.
2019-09-14 16:29Lucky boy Says:
i have a few.
2019-09-14 14:44James Says:
you got the experience?
2019-09-12 14:32Ll Says:
2019-09-11 09:46Anonymous Says:
Any Bros paint before a woman’s vagina and it tasted like instant noodles taste? I encountered with a few ladies before lol. Wonder if is some kind of disease?
2019-09-19 21:39Ironman Says:
Bro you got add an egg? Goes well with instant noodle.
2019-09-14 01:33Jackson Says:
@Kelvin u think they suck your cock they not scared u got bacteria meh
2019-09-12 16:08Kelvin Says:
Everytime after painting, i must rinse mouth & brush my teeth. I scare there’s any bacteria or venereal diseases
2019-09-12 09:42Anonymous Says:
@Kelvin, Yah I also like scared afterwards.
@IN, no leh young one late 20s. I wouldn’t say is smelly taste but just taste like legit instant noodles taste lol like chicken flavour.
2019-09-12 06:27IN Says:
Instant noodles? Hahaha, smelly pussy shld be sweat n silicon smell. most of the girls I met are young and no smell.
Anonymous, the one u met is milf?
2019-09-11 13:59Kelvin Says:
Yerr. Instant noodles taste? It’s seems like the girl didn’t wash properly her vagina. The good taste of vagina is like strawberry or melon favour
2019-09-11 08:33CrazyMind Says:
Hi TT Bro, Why N+52 叶子 wechat cannot add her?
2019-09-11 07:49Kelvin Says:
现在越来越多优质妹妹挂网了 谢谢狼群带来!想请问兄弟喜欢新鲜年轻的还是老教服务好的?大家可以互相交流
2019-09-15 00:27不知道 Says:
潤的贏年齡美貌 輸女友感就。。。
2019-09-11 23:03小强 Says:
2019-09-10 16:00丢丢 Says:
TT 我搞不清哪个微信号码了,但是我有whatspp号码。您可以帮我查一下微信吗
2019-09-10 19:18TTvip Says:
2019-09-10 14:37aisex Says:
紧赶慢赶约到 婷婷 妹妹,小姑娘水嫩,可爱,没有槽点。好久没约过这么爽了。
人家做和不做的服务 都写清楚了,另外 小姑娘忙完,赖人家钱不给。我都觉得替 男生们丢脸。
2019-09-11 10:43Anonymous Says:
Yah I agree Aisex Bro, the Sex Worker has the rights to refuse to do things against her wills some more her services already listed clearly.
And the rest of the customers dun think you can simply run away without payment, if she’s goes to the authorities you are in deep shits.
Read the news and find out yourself.
2019-09-10 21:28aisex Says:
2019-09-10 20:12小强 Says:
2019-09-09 23:30Anonymous Says:
Dated this N+67 Liu Mei Ren.
How should I say.. This girl is new to this line she claimed. But to me her services is average only.
She got did all the mentioned pointers listed but to me she’s just average.
Actual person looks older probably late 20s around there. RTF Maybe.

Admin of TT, Please publish Thankyou!

2019-09-12 01:37SN Says:
Fun3 she already left . Not sure will be back. I Too tired to find new ones. Wait for my mood to return .
2019-09-11 13:48Funfunfun Says:
Bro can share with usvwho is this 110 girl that u mentioned Tkx a lot
2019-09-11 02:26Smart now Says:
The age 24 already say she could be older than expected. Face in the photos also can judge . She does look like those who call u to shower yrself. Anyway not my type at all. I dun know her and won’t even try. Some more $180 .
My experience $110 and $250 girls are no difference. Only hotel is more classy. But I do not need that classy room.
I met this girl $110. Big pinky sweet nips, mouth once close to you, she auto slip her tongue to French you. Lots n lots of free flow kissing. 69 she suck you passionately and let you see her young no smell pussy. She lets u paint her. After that fj like gf. U fuck her n light kiss or deep french. She give it to you. And only $110. So I will not support girls above $120 anymore. No difference. This girl is young and caring. Of course bros who can spend $180-300 girls go ahead. But after much experience I know $100 plus one can perform even better.
2019-09-10 12:48Funfunfun Says:
Tkx for sharing bro Can share more details? Ur average means? Recommend to try? Or is it worth 180 tkx
2019-09-09 22:45小新 Says:
2019-09-10 00:22TTvip Says:
2019-09-09 21:05Ben Says:
各位大神这个N+66 Xue Er(雪儿)谁试过了怎么样?
2019-09-09 19:05Naughty boy Says:
S+41 looks familar. Who is she?
2019-09-09 22:08Kelvin Says:
2019-09-09 20:37123 Says:
Your girlfriend
2019-09-08 16:58LLL Says:

8/9/2019(N+63 豆豆)


7/9/2019-看到豆豆的档案是美女就约8/9 10AM了。后来有人发现是假照片网站删除了。我就跟她说照片不是你的如果明天见面我不满意可以退吗?她说可以。

9:20AM 她发讯息跟我说她很困改约时间到3PM 我就在乌节路逛到 1PM 她讯息我说2PM见。见了发现她是网上的美女很开心。她的笑容很惨然。进

2019-09-19 21:42aisex0 Says:
没事,我约聊天也给$300。 看个人
2019-09-12 15:11123 Says:
@开心就好 支持你说的话
2019-09-08 23:20开心就好 Says:

我们在他们眼里也就是浮云罢了…… 最好就是开心消费然后继续自己的人生别太纠结这些事。
2019-09-08 23:02LLL Says:
2019-09-08 20:57aisex Says:
兄台 也不要太沮丧。我有一次1000新 包了一个妹子大半天,结果陪吃饭,陪着换酒店,最后居然陪她去看妇科医院。诊费也是我出。
等都完了,她告诉我,没时间了,下个客到了,就把我打发了,一天下来,我只拉拉手,隔着胸罩揉揉胸。 最后换来一句 你人真好 的表扬。
2019-09-08 20:37LLL Says:
2019-09-08 20:30LLL Says:
网主。我1:53收到她的房间号码。2:51 离开她房间。那就是说2:45左右她闺蜜敲门。我约妹子重来不打飞机的。我也没听到她跟我说。可能我没听到吧。不过我肯定会拒绝。你来红不能做我理解。但女友感也给到?
2019-09-08 20:25aisex Says:
好羡慕Andyyyy老兄,工作脱不开身,错过 豆豆 了。好遗憾。
2019-09-08 20:04Jacky Says:
That is the reason why so many girls choose to come here. Because guys in sg really generous. Yeah, i have dated a few top tier girls previously. The girls told me the same.Some guest will pay extra $150-$200.Andyyy, you must be one of them!I salute you, Bro.
2019-09-08 19:43TTvip Says:
2019-09-08 19:18aisex Says:
我说今天怎么突然把我拒了呢,原来是被老兄抢先一步 拔了胡萝卜。
2019-09-08 18:09Andyyyy Says:
2019-09-08 16:44aisex Says:
小小,凡儿,金妹子 基本是 闭着眼睛勉强咽下去的,各有千秋
2019-09-20 20:36aisex Says:
aisex0 兄,我也很喜欢 橘子姑娘,年轻可爱,给姑娘道歉!
2019-09-20 20:34aisex Says:
2019-09-20 13:04小熊 Says:
2019-09-20 01:38aisex0 Says:
可恶 人家橘子好好的 年轻可爱
都回国休息了 你还要说她
2019-09-16 16:20aisex Says:
还要澄清一下,橘子妹妹 年龄大的意思是,相比她20岁学生妹人设,有些大。没有说她老的意思。
妹妹还是很 年轻 漂亮的。我也很喜欢。
2019-09-16 16:09aisex Says:
2019-09-16 16:05aisex Says:
little bear bro 我们君子之交,互相切磋。微信家里查的超严,人在江湖 身不由己呀。
订正一下 不是橙子妹妹 是 橘子 妹妹

完全符合我的审美,钟情妹妹不在,现在Rio就是我的No1 和她在一起很舒服。

态度和凡儿 比起来 简直是天壤之别,当然颜值也一样秒杀
2019-09-16 13:20小熊 Says:
2019-09-15 11:22aisex Says:
little bear bro 凡儿 没有那么严重啦,还算可爱,只是棱角比较分明,眼睛比较长些而已,我还是喜欢 圆瓜子脸的 大眼妹子。

橙子 妹妹不错,只是年龄大了些。如果不追求 学生妹感觉的话,没什么缺点。

哎,越说越想 婷婷了,20岁小妹的身体真是不一样啊,身体哪里都是那么柔软又紧绷。唯一缺点是妹子吸烟。
2019-09-11 15:40小熊 Says:
2019-09-08 23:44Ne Zha Says:
Agreed that 瑶瑶是极品....she is now definitely prettier and slimmer than in the past ! Her looks is natural and she has fantastic killer body with waistline so small with all the right curves and with flawless fair excellent GFE and service! Definitely the Best in current batch....What else can one ask for !
2019-09-08 23:24aisex Says:
强兄,我们共同切磋 我准备继续约约280的那两个妹子看看,貌似 豆豆 还不错。
我给你回的关于小小的,被站长删了 可能是用词不当吧。向站长道歉。
欧洲妹妹 在sammyboy上的 捷克妹妹melisa 第一,现在好像暂时去泰国旅游去了,俄罗斯的那几个都是P照骗人。

2019-09-08 21:14强哥哥 Says:
@aisex.ptt是你吧?哈哈哈。你是哪位呀?发觉我和你的taste sama sama。以后就听你介绍了。这样,我就放弃小小了。以为梦箫是你第一。
2019-09-08 20:24aisex Says:
凡儿 怎么说呢,让我想起Mulan 而且态度也一般。

历史排名 钟情永远是我的第一。之后是 只做按摩时候的 子涵。

2019-09-08 19:19强哥哥 Says:
2019-09-08 13:20小强 Says:
请问怎么登记电话啊? 蒙古大眼儿妹挑客人
2019-09-10 20:31小强 Says:
n+69 电话和信息都不回 可以帮忙问下吗?怎么加微信啊 有群嘛?谢谢
2019-09-08 17:04TTvip Says:
2019-09-08 01:24aisex Says:
两个280的妹子 同时下线 请问站长什么情况?
2019-09-08 17:02LLL Says:
2019-09-08 16:29aisex Says:
怎么 豆豆 又下网了呢?
2019-09-08 14:59aisex Says:
两个要么不回信 要么约好了 突然来大姨妈 搞什么呀
2019-09-08 11:38SpiderMan Says:
2019-09-08 11:26TTvip Says:
2019-09-08 09:57aisex Says:
两个280的妹子 住同一个房?豆豆的视频和内蒙妹子的照片 是一间房里拍的呀
2019-09-08 07:37aisex Says:
内蒙的妹子 怎么这么挑客呢?我从来没被妹子拒过,居然不回我信息。
2019-09-08 02:40TTvip Says:
2019-09-07 23:10DDAy Says:
Anyone try N+30 before? Real photo?
2019-09-07 18:49LLL Says:
之前有个新人N+65 怎么不见了?有问题吗?
2019-09-08 02:41TTvip Says:
2019-09-07 16:43Ilovesquirting Says:
Any bros here tried girls that can squirt? Which girl can?
2019-09-08 16:40Swingman Says:
Look for Scarlett when she is back. This one is younger and the spraying more powerful.
2019-09-07 19:09 Mas Says:
Can you make the girl squirt? If you can, look for 6+1 Zhao Jing.
2019-09-06 02:06Funfunfun Says:
有人试过梦婷么 服务态度怎么样
2019-09-05 23:07ntuap Says:
2019-09-09 10:11ntuap Says:
2019-09-08 23:35Ne Zha Says:
Although 瑶瑶came before , but she is now definitely prettier and slimmer than in the past ! The she has fantastic killer body with waistline so small with all the right curves and with flawless fair excellent GFE and service! Definitely the Best in current batch....What else can one ask for !
2019-09-08 15:08Jacky Says:
2019-09-08 12:07Benny Says:
Based on pics, the new girl $280 looks a wiser choice.瑶瑤 belong to the older batch of girls.Was her regular back then.She is prettier in the past.Given a choice, i will pick the fresh ones.
2019-09-08 00:57Disappointed Says:
不用猜了。遥遥比较漂亮…… 花不花自己决定
2019-09-06 13:08SpiderMan Says:
2019-09-05 22:40Roy Says:
2019-09-05 22:24Ask Says:
Is 凡凡 ready?
2019-09-05 13:42LEGEND Says:
Any squirter in this current batch of girls?
2019-09-04 22:12HH Says:
2019-09-12 21:50Morrison Says:
@kobe ya i know there are a few Chinese gal take other race and they admit to me. Most here they will take client that has good records and mostly should be Chinese client. And of course, dun talk about those lower tier gals as their business is not good or she is not very attractive. Some has dignity that they would not take non Chinese and they would would call them as \"foreigner\". There is also one gal told me b4 she accept one Indian b4 as he is a Chindian as he know how to speak Chinese well or else she wont take him. You also can google about China Chinese pros history and they wont accept foreigner unless she is from Tanka people which is a very very poor group of people.
2019-09-11 19:25Kobe Says:
@Morrison. Your replies already tells me you are naive or you are new.My Rule #01. NEVER TRUST WHAT THE GIRLS SAYS.No girls will openly admit non chinese guests as they know the consequences.Remember, ultimately making $ in the shortest time is their goal. But they will try not to take Indian as they smells and big dick.Even in sgwolf days, a few angpais even shared that they take in non chinese guests. This is very common thing. For me, it does not matters. My aim is to fuck.Always remember.
2019-09-11 17:22Morrison Says:
@kobe Most Chinese gals that i ask, they say they wont take other race except Chinese. The most maybe is amdk. There would be such case as getting tricked by other race so tat is why i hope the admin here can be more strict and respect their decision of not accepting non-Chinese.
2019-09-08 23:21Morrison Says:
All these gals listed here never go health screening ah? Then g house is more safe.
2019-09-08 21:07Guest Says:
@Hard Driver Bro, Yah Loh some Bros want to die early mah, lol. Good day.
2019-09-08 19:55Hard Screwdriver Says:
@Guest. Raw or not. There is bound to be a few cases one lah. If you go to sbf pages, it is common to hear some of the forum senior chiongster mentioning raw with girls. Whether its in MP or hotel, it is the same. It takes two to clap; girl willing to offer and guy willing to pay. Has always been around. Just wanna remind .I mean you can play safe but other don\'t play by the rules, you also LPPL!
2019-09-08 19:49Ask Says:
@sadkid, would u mind to tell since when u got rashes?
2019-09-08 18:34Guest Says:
@Hard Screwdriver. The point here is not scared come out and play, but is safety always come first. Those girls that allowed raw are probably desperate like u said or probably got some diseases already, majority of the girls i bonked told me \"must condom on or else no bonk\" and their clients are macham everyday full lol. Those girls that willing to take raw in the lower tier better dont try. try liao u cry father cry mother cry Jesus also cannot save u.
2019-09-08 16:33Hard Screwdriver Says:
Guys, when you come out to play,scare so much, might as well don\'t venture into this. Some of these girls will do so for money, especially those in the lower price tier ones or those business not too good. Frankly speaking, they do that only when really desperate or they feel in love with the clients. Yes, i heard a few cases of that in my many years of bonking. Also, some girls work overseas, not only in sg. They go many places: Japan, Aus, Malaysia, Philippines(casino), Cambodia(casino),US, Canada and also Tiongguo, Macao, Shanghai,SZ. They may play safe here but nobody knows how they are in other places. Once, this year, a girl (angpai even) who had went back even showed me her raw video with her client in Tiongguo.I don\'t know why she showed me. Maybe to tempted me, but i resisted. I even stop seeing her after that. That is why i say, if you play, don\'t scare. Nothing is 100% safe. Other choices are either go for HJ only or go to legal houses in G.
2019-09-08 14:21Guest Says:
@Sadkids thanks for sharing.

Word of advice helmets always on for intercourse, now I also skipped painting and do CBJ. Cb scared kena diseases
2019-09-08 13:38Ask Says:
@sadkid thanks for the info.
2019-09-08 12:19Kobe Says:
@Morrison.There are quite a number of girls working in the hotel who take non chinese clients.1) To them, as long as can earn money, why not? 2)Some of them do not even knows how abang looks like. Some of the abangs smoke the girls saying they are chinese but poor in the language. Nowadays using Google translate, it is a lot easier to bridge the language gap. And now alot abangs and sg born indians command of mandarin is before then before, so simple to trick the girls into thinking they are chinese. The girls are here to make money,do not forget that. Yeah, i heard there are malay, indian, african,japanese,Filipino clients. This is the hard truth.
2019-09-08 10:48SadKid Says:
@Ask I slept with one girl in HDB one another 2 in hotel. I suspect that the hdb one using red light to cover her skin rash. Test results are normal for STDs tho maybe it\'s something else haha. Tested for HIV, sypillis, chlamydia and gonorrhea
2019-09-07 23:20Ask Says:
@sadkid, can tell whether the girls u slept staying at hotel or massage parlour or apartment?
2019-09-07 15:15SadKid Says:
@Curious don\'t wanna say man
@Ask took the risk getting bbbj
2019-09-07 13:21Ask Says:
@sadkid, did you perform safe sex or raw sex?
2019-09-06 20:06Curious Says:
@Sadkids who are the girls you slept with??
2019-09-06 16:38SadKid Says:
Urm I\'m prolly gonna live a short life so I decided to play around. So far only slept with 3 girls and rashes all over my thighs and some spots on penis.............. tests results came out normal but how can be............................................ tons of different disease can definitely ruin your health.....................Not sure if I should feel hopeless now but I dont have HIV for sure ;p
2019-09-05 18:36fuels Says:
Nothing is perfect, if you find them, it is at your own risk.
2019-09-05 14:17LOL2 Says:
if you are afraid, ask for doctor cert loh or bring them to sgh for testing
2019-09-04 23:56Morrison Says:
I feel Chinese gal are more safe than Thai and Viet gals. Chinese gals will mostly wear condom and do. Other race that i mention might do raw. Most Chinese gal dun accept bangalash, indian and malay. If they accept, i will feel not safe and is not i being racist.

If you scare, then dun do at all. Sex with condom is generally safe. Cbj is more safe but of cuz bbjj will feel more shiok.
2019-09-04 00:32SadKid Says:
It bothers me that I don\'t understand why some of these girls choose to do this.... So pretty and sweet why!?! Also admin or anyone is it okay to be transparent about how things work that are related to money? Do different webpages gets a cut from these girls? Are they considered independent??
2019-09-11 19:38Truth Says:
Let me be straight here. Most girls,no matter pretty get into this because some have money problems from home, parents/grands sick, gambling or some lost money doing business themselves like setting up boutiques or beauty shop. They are in debt so need fast money. This is the fastest way besides robbing banks.Hahaha!Some angpais do this because they are not so well educated. But a few of them do have big dreams and goals..A few have a few houses under their name. So dun play play and look down on them. My point is dun have to pity them too much. There are many generous clients here in sg. 20-30kSGD is chicken feet for some angpais
. Some of you will be surprise how much they earn in about 20 days. The figure is north of 30k.
2019-09-11 02:45No return Says:
Angpai earn 20-30 k easily . few yrs ago met a few, But now there life’s are a mess. Either owe even more money due to gambling buying shares, some caught by gong an, Go jail. Some are still serving customers in China hotel now even though they are already 3 yrs in the line. There lives going to be much worst nx time. No return. Fast money also life finished faster.
2019-09-08 21:34Special guy Says:
@Sad Kid. Prostitution has been around for ages. Most girls get into this line because of money. Females unlike males, when desperate and need fast cash will turn to this trade, often lure by friend\'s promise of the amount to be earned thru this. While some are cheated into this by agents. Of course, they must pay fees to agent to get here. Not including the web sites for advertisements, which can be a few thousands SGD. After that, the girls have to pay for accomdations and daily food and all. Most girls are able to hit their target unless business really bad. But a lot of these girls, especially those angpais earn much more than any ordinary folks here.So don\'t have to pity them.
2019-09-08 20:57Anonymous Says:
@Guest, nah I won’t share which girls I have feelings. At the end of the day this is not a reality
2019-09-06 00:05Guest Says:
@anony. Is she still working . Mind to share her name n number. See why u like her.
Yes it’s sad to see like girls getting bonk by others.
2019-09-05 23:35Morrison Says:
That is why i dunno why ppl complain living in sg whereas other countries poor ppl in no choice has to do pros to earn money.Mostly should be in huge debts and china has 1.4b ppl so those doing pros are suay ones having debts and has no good life.

As one saying, nice guy always finish last. How can chio bu cant able to find mr right. Reasons is most probably, they did not choose her mr right well and end up having miserable life.
2019-09-05 19:06Anonymous Says:
@Wiseman, You have a point to them this is just work that’s all.
@Sadkids, l also learning to let go my feelings for that particulars girls
2019-09-05 14:21wiseman Says:
don\'t feel sad for them, they are here to make as much $ as possible in shortest possible time. The more customers they get,the happier they are. Popular girls will increase price after coming for only 2-3 weeks. Why do you feel sad ? You should feel sad for yourself for parting with hard-earned money, while the girls are laughing all the way to the bank......wellcome to the real world
2019-09-05 13:23SadKid Says:
@Anonymous Not really. I didn\'t really want emotional experiences but I do kinda feel bad for them. I figured out I only wanted sex and not some romance BS so I try not to have those kind of feelings for them. I do feel kinda sad now cuz I asked a girl if she ever considered being a camgirl which involves less risk and she asked me to piss off :< .....Honestly some girls around here are too good to be a sex worker if there are such things....?
2019-09-05 07:54Anonymous Says:
@SadKids, I feel sad when I see my favourite girls getting bonks by different bros lol. Anybody feels the same way?
2019-09-04 11:18wiseman Says:
most girls have their agents / middlemen. A few are independents, they pay a fixed amount of $ to adverstise on webpages, not a cut.
2019-09-04 10:41SadKid Says:
Hey @Guest don\'t you feel sad for them .
2019-09-04 09:56Curious Says:
@SadKids, Mind to share which girl u had feelings for?
2019-09-04 01:42Guest Says:
Gambling got into big debts, play shares kana con. Went into biz kana con. Loan money from banks to repay, Family members sick need medical fees. Buy house dream. Kana cheated by bf . Bf cheats her money. These are tiong girls experiences. The more stupid ones are those wants high life fast but no rich family backing.
2019-09-03 20:44123 Says:
Admin , Mei Na coming back ?
2019-09-03 18:34Sexy Says:
Guys I can’t find any Chio face , hot body girls here. can any recommend?
All the photos feels fake. Any know of real gd ones in this site.
2019-09-04 11:13sadman Says:
agree with you most of the photos are highly photoshopped......difficult to discern which are the real beauties..sigh...
and bad comments are either not published or removed after short while......
2019-09-03 14:26New Says:
Admin, Why most girls never do Anal? Is it because more dangerous and risky to catch diseases???
2019-09-05 19:07New Says:
@Old, because I find her no attraction loh
2019-09-05 14:30Old Says:
@new why dont try Bei Bei, she provides this service
2019-09-05 07:55New Says:
@Mas. Thanks.
@Wot. Obviously Anal with protection lah.
2019-09-04 18:28wot Says:
Anal without protection??
2019-09-03 22:33 Mas Says:
Chinese girls are not adventurous. They do not want to do it with strangers. I suggest you can try to ask older ones or should look for caucasian and Thai girls. Or do it with your partner.
2019-09-03 08:46LoL Says:
2019-09-03 14:20lol2 Says:
if you are afraid, ask for doctor cert loh or bring them to sgh for testing
2019-09-02 15:57Hero Says:
N+26 Wanjun came before recently right? But the pictures doesn\\\'t look like her previously
2019-09-03 15:57Hero Says:
she looks younger now
2019-09-03 14:21LLOOLL Says:
she looks younger now, maybe underage
2019-09-02 19:19TTvip Says:
Yes bro, same person.
2019-09-02 10:51很冤枉的人。 Says:
2019-09-02 19:24TTvip Says:
2019-09-02 07:41阿超 Says:
凡凡回来了 为什么不挂网呢?
2019-09-02 19:21TTvip Says:
2019-09-02 14:32LLL Says:
2019-09-01 17:26 Says:
2019-09-01 10:01Z Says:
Hey admin, would like to check if there’s any Korean ladies?
2019-09-02 19:25TTvip Says:
We welcome agents to hang foreign girls as well. Just that we do not know many of them. Bros who knows are welcome to share my contact with the agents so that all bros can benefit. Thanks!
2019-09-02 14:25koreanlover Says:
korean not on this website
on other website
2019-09-01 09:58約不到人的杯具 Says:
2019-08-31 14:29Guest Says:
Admin of TTVIP7, Can you encourage your new girls not to over edit their photos? I rejected a few girls recently liao when I opened the door...
2019-09-04 11:09grateful Says:
S+30 Yan Yan at $260 has over-edited photos ? wow what a waste of money.
S+11 , you are the 2nd person that mentioned her pic diff from real person
thanks bro \"thank me later\" for sharing.......any others ?
2019-09-03 20:01Thank me later Says:
Most M+ ones,M+17,S+30,S+11.
2019-09-03 15:39concernedbro Says:
@Guest, please give some hints on which are the girls you rejected, to save other brothers time and transport costs.....
2019-09-03 12:29Guest Says:
@concernedbro, lol i better dun say, eventually some of you will find out yourselves. photo difference is a subjective topic, to me she look different but to the rest of the Bros maybe not! haha good luck and stay safe!
2019-09-02 14:27concernedbro Says:
pls share which girls you rejected due to too much different from photos on tt web ? we will avoid them. Admin pls do not block the reply from guest, thanks!
2019-08-31 15:13Guest Says:
Ok.. Thanks Admin. Because I rejected a few girls recently and most probably they will just give me bad comments on my number but i dun give a shit because I have a good record. Cheers
2019-08-31 14:47TTvip Says:
We always encourage girls to use as realistic photos as possible because over edited pictures do not do good to either parties. Everyone\'s time is precious. But there are some represeted by agents which I can only do so much. But is any bros do meet girls who are too different from their pic/vids, by all means walk away, and let me know. Cheers.
2019-08-31 10:10QWERTY Says:
Hi TT Admin, Kane回来吗?
2019-08-31 14:45TTvip Says:
2019-08-30 22:33SadKid Says:
Hey Admin please block me. Scared of being addicted already.
2019-09-01 22:55SadKid Says:
Wow got such lingo one? I also kind of had feelings for this girl. First time had sex. I feel pretty fucked up.
2019-09-01 11:41LLL Says:
why not ? just put him as FISH (police) then every girl will shun
2019-08-31 14:44TTvip Says:
I can\'t....
2019-08-30 14:52小弟弟 Says:
Had a crush on a girl dk how. First few time sleeping around dk what I\'m feeling now.
2019-09-02 12:53LLL Says:
ask tt to put your number as fish (police), then no girls will accept you haha
2019-08-30 08:50kingkong Says:
地区应该显示在外先 不然很不方便
2019-08-29 23:51ll Says:
2019-08-29 16:26JKL88 Says:
Hi TT Admin, 能查一下 N+46 是否还在呢?想约但是发了简讯又没回答
2019-08-29 21:22TTvip Says:
2019-08-29 13:33SOS Says:
Hi Admin bro, I’ve received many feedbacks from the girls that I have a poor record, hence, not wanting to accept the date.
Reviews from those girls are mainly NOT TRUE as some examples are due to the fact I left without accepting service cause of false publicity & fake faces.
Hope you can remove the negative comments & let a brother here to enjoy service again. Thank you.
2019-09-01 12:07LLL Says:
@User I agreed with you on that PS and over make-up things. I do understand those bros that walk away upon seeing the girl this day as there are so many new girls doing the misleading ads now. The worst they(girl) use other people photo like what happens recently with a girl claim to be UK exchange student,new to this line $260,174cm. Those ads are totally absurd. can you imagine she use all her photo from a web popular beauty 程熙嫒 except 2 photos probly from other girls too.
2019-08-31 14:37User Says:
@Mas Bro, You have a point. Fair enough. Then where is the transparency? Some of these girls edit their photos until so nice and flawless when we as guest open door, sekali the actual person -30% difference. And most of them still can say “who don’t edit their photos in this line of work” fk that shit really, especially those use another person photos. My point is I rather they use raw photos then edited photos to advertised then end up waste both my time and their time. Like I told SOS Bro If I have a good record by all means I will reject girls. Peace
2019-08-30 12:33User Says:
Remove negative comments then where is the transparency? if u have a good record by all means go ahead and reject the girls, Admin of TTVip7 hope you don\'t anyhow let this brother spoil market.
2019-08-30 05:54 Mas Says:
SOS, ask yourself: can you change to accept that their photos are Photoshop? If you cannot, no point to ask admin bro to remove your poor record. You will still get back new poor record after some time. As we are strangers to the girls, your rights to walk away and likely frequent walk away makes them feel you are most likely a difficult person to serve. They do not want to bring trouble to themselves during the session. You do not take chances to try their services at all, the next girl will rather risk to miss you so that she do not have to short an hour of earning if you again walk away.
If you are very particular about false and fake, I suggest to you to visit the brothels in GL. The girls are there in person for you to choose. Choose the best that you think will make your money worth spending.
Or go and find a short term partner.
2019-08-29 21:20TTvip Says:
You can leave me your wechat ID i will add you? See what actually happened.
2019-08-29 13:13Hero Says:
N+26 Wanjun came before recently right? But the pictures doesn\'t look like her previously
2019-08-28 15:49ABC2019 Says:
Admin when Kesha $300 girl coming back?
2019-08-28 16:41TTvip Says:
She did not say
2019-08-27 20:43SadKid Says:
Hello, any recommendations and advice?
2019-08-28 16:42TTvip Says:
One man\'s meat is another\'s poison. Choose your own liking bro.
2019-08-27 15:15QQ Says:
How to search your website by services provided ?
2019-08-28 15:25QQ Says:
which N+ or S+ ladies provide balls licking and rimming ?
2019-08-27 15:23TTvip Says:
No such function bro, yet.
2019-08-26 23:07Ryu Says:
Hi Admin. Dated S+37 today, how to register?
2019-09-02 00:10Ryu Says:
Just to double check, u already add me?
2019-08-27 01:38TTvip Says:
Leave me your wechat id bro, i will add you.
2019-08-26 18:46rookie Says:
admin 刚才有个英国留学妹子怎么不在了?
2019-08-27 01:38TTvip Says:
因为假照片, 下网了。
2019-08-26 15:53TTvip Says:
N+ 多多,due to fake pictures, has been removed from web. We will work with her agent to rectify the photos to ensure the well benefits of our bros.
2019-08-26 22:40xx Says:
2019-08-25 23:56老狼 Says:
Sandwich 会回来吗?
2019-08-26 15:52TTvip Says:
2019-08-25 23:20佐藤 Says:
约好 小小 想确认一下时间 可是发SNS 微信都不回 怎么回事呀?
2019-08-23 14:08Guest Says:
Admin of TTVIP7,Just curious how you all rate a FL whether she is a \'N\', \'S\' and even those without rating?

2019-08-26 14:04Guest Says:
2019-08-23 17:00TTvip Says:
N+ New hotel girls $150 and above who has yet to earn enough FRs
S+ Hotel girls $150 and above who has enough FRs to justify the upgrade
M+ Spa girls
Plain serial number are those $140 and below
2019-08-22 19:58Morrison Says:
Will that tall $200 gal minan coming back?

2019-08-23 23:50Morrison Says:
Please ask her to come back. i miss her. Sorry, her name is mina. She is a gem.
2019-08-23 02:49TTvip Says:
No new from her yet bro.
2019-08-22 10:57安哥 Says:
2019-08-23 02:48TTvip Says:
2019-08-21 14:41Eric Says:
2019-08-21 23:34新人 Says:
2019-08-20 15:28Guy Says:
TT admin can check with you how come amy is been taken off the website.
2019-08-20 16:51Guy Says:
Got any info when she coming back working?
2019-08-20 15:36TTvip Says:
Because she is stopping work for awhile due to personal reason bro.
2019-08-20 13:16hello Says:
anyone tried 熙熙? Is she really good? how are her looks?
2019-08-23 23:16Anonymous Says:
There is bad FR before but was taken down. Saying things like she is older, fatter and photos heavil PS.
2019-08-22 12:23熙熙 Regular Says:
@Hello, Eh bro her FRs is one of the longest here in ttvip7 still need to ask meh?
2019-08-21 21:42Mas Says:
She is good. She is really good and pretty.
2019-08-19 21:30小狼 Says:
2019-09-08 14:50Hehe Says:
2019-08-20 14:39TTvip Says:
2019-08-18 12:16kk Says:
tt兄 怎么在你这里注册
2019-08-20 14:39TTvip Says:
2019-08-20 13:05sam Says:
TT哥 98692550那妹子叫什么来的怎么没了
2019-08-18 20:07TTvip Says:
你好 KK兄,你可以留下你的微信号让我加你核实你是否约过。约过的才能注册。
2019-08-16 03:01Nj Says:
admin no new girls ? Current girls body n face not good enough leh.
2019-08-16 15:36TTvip Says:
2019-08-16 09:51Ninja Says:
I dun need any bros to agree with me. Not yr fault dun worry. Hope u have new and really hot ones next time.
2019-08-16 06:15TTvip Says:
There\'s definately new girls. But if you say none of the current girls is good enough, I bet many bros will disagree with you. Look around and you will likely find one to your liking. I would hunbly apologise if none is up to your expectation.
2019-08-14 09:27Hee Says:
Rio 怎么不见了?
2019-08-15 11:35LLL Says:
2019-08-13 15:41NUS top student Says:
有没有天然的美女?全部网红脸+ enhanced boobs
2019-08-14 20:10 Says:
Pheobe啊 纯天然 牙套妹
2019-08-13 21:20Happy Says:
2019-08-13 19:45肥熊 Says:
可以试 N+41 Oni Chan(欧尼酱)可是她16号左后一天
不然 6+8 Abigail(小表妹)也不错
2019-08-12 23:41Unknown Says:
hi admin, 女孩都说没约过都不接,如何?
2019-08-13 05:02TTvip Says:

2019-08-12 20:08Ian Says:
2019-08-12 20:48TTvip Says:
2019-08-12 19:32 Says:

Any new big boobs (C or D) girls?
2019-08-12 20:49TTvip Says:
You can refer to the left panel list on the main page bro.
2019-08-11 18:21老实济 Says:
2019-08-13 05:02TTvip Says:
2019-08-12 23:44老实济 Says:
2019-08-12 20:51TTvip Says:
2019-08-10 15:03TTvip Says:

Hi bro, please leave me your wechat, I will add you.
2019-08-11 00:49TTvip Says:
Hi Tommy, pls refer to the pictures above. You need to set your wechat ID first. The one you gave me is generic which cannot be used.
2019-08-10 21:55Tommy Says:
So how is it?
2019-08-10 00:57寂寞 Says:
2019-08-12 08:18Mas Says:
Fingering will injure the girl\'s pussy if you do not cut your finger nails properly and affect their work. They have to stop for a day or two to recover and lose income (You may care a damn thing) and also affect the other customers\' pleasure (You may also not even care). Please be considerate. Suggest you do it on your partner and ask for her feedback. Or do it to your ju hua?
2019-08-12 01:54小狼 Says:
2019-08-11 13:50肥熊 Says:
N+41 Oni Chan 可以可是不知道需不需要chemistry因为挂网的服务表没写,你可以试一试。
2019-08-09 07:44pipipapupu Says:
2019-08-08 21:58Chan Says:
2019-08-08 22:09TTvip Says:
2019-08-08 09:50 Says:
约了钟情后 再不想约别人可咋整 求狼友推荐
2019-08-08 00:07Besiege Says:
有没有人试过我18,33,43 的妹妹呢?
2019-08-05 10:50MMM Says:
2019-08-06 20:36王子 Says:
2019-08-05 13:23TTvip Says:

2019-08-05 01:50bb Says:
what happen to scarlet? cannot find her already?
2019-08-05 05:13TTvip Says:
She is resting bro.
2019-08-04 18:28WW Says:
Hi 2921 Amy 现在休息还是没做了? 今天要约网页不见了
2019-08-04 18:32TTvip Says:
2019-08-04 17:48JJ92d Says:
Already tried a girl, but want to book other girls but number is not registered so no replies to my messages. Please help. Thanks.
2019-08-04 18:35TTvip Says:
Hi bro, i suspect your wechat ID is partial blocked due to text limitation. You can leave your wechat ID in the main text so I can add you. I will not publish it.
2019-08-04 10:07yyyyyyyy Says:
2019-08-04 12:00TTvip Says:
兄弟,你是游客吗。如果使用非新加坡手机号码,前面加个 +65 就可以了。
2019-08-03 20:12Morrison Says:
Just supply more young gals and please state the correct age and height as i do like tall gals. Older gals then minus 1 or 2 years as i know they are also doing business. As for boobs, just estimated within range can already. Small boobs tend to be slim and big boobs tend to be meaty and that is reality as long boobs is not faked and hard. Please show more ass photos as there will be client like me like to see their ass shape.

Thank you very much
2019-08-06 09:01Magna Says:
minus 1 or 2 years is generous bro
You meet 40yo women when they advertise themselves as 22 hahahaha
2019-08-04 12:01TTvip Says:
Thanks for your suggestion bro, we will review them and and encourage the agents and girls to provide as much details/pictures as possible.
2019-08-02 15:27yong Says:
2019-08-02 16:22TTvip Says:
2019-08-02 10:53Experienced Wolf Says:
There is a lack of girls that are truly 22yo or below. Even if the girl is advertised as 21, she will still turn out to be 30 in reality.

Is it possible to get more of the true 18-22yo kind ? It\'s almost impossible right now
2019-08-02 12:52TTvip Says:
We will have one coming in soon, less than 1 week\'s time.
2019-08-02 10:13翟天临 Says:


2019-08-02 12:51TTvip Says:
2019-07-29 21:05hello Says:
haven\'t tried girls working in spa yet. what is it like? u need to pay to enter spa too bo? then got someone ask u which gal u looking for arh? or is it as discreet as going to girl\'s room in hotels?
2019-08-04 20:01HK Says:
Just a word of caution. Most of these spas are illegal and the room is freaking tiny. The beds are not even proper bed. Some doors can be slide open from outside. On one occasion, some dude open the door to my room while i was, u know....My advice dun patronized unless no other choice. Last note, most gals aint wat u see online.Hope tis helps.
2019-08-04 13:48Neutral Guy Says:
You have to pay the levy fee at the counter first and that will be part of the overall fee, but my advice to you is better clarify with the gal 1st whether this is the arrangement to avoid dispute later. At the counter you will tell the receptionist who you have booked and she will bring you to the room and tell you to settle down and shower 1st, the gal you want will come in shortly.
As for Spa\'s room is usually quite small, it has a small single size bed & 1 pillow, some shelvings and a small shower cubicle.
Don\'t expect the gal will shower together with you due to the limited space of the shower cubicle. The location mostly are along those shophouses.
2019-07-30 07:31Hello2 Says:
Enter fees, then they will ask got booking which gal or not. You tell them the gal name, then will bring you to room. Be careful no sound proof.
2019-07-28 21:37Horace Says:
网主,之前有个Baby的酒店女孩。有挂全套$220, 也有挂按摩打飞机$150的,34B,有消息回来吗?
2019-07-29 00:12TTvip Says:
2019-07-27 23:47Incall Says:
Got provide incall service?
2019-07-29 00:11TTvip Says:
Usually no bro, they may worry for their own safety. But if you are their regular, you may be able to nego with them, bearing in mind the time and cost taken to travel to and fro.
2019-07-28 23:44Incall Says:
Sry I mean outcall, available?
2019-07-28 20:02TTvip Says:
They have their own hotel rooms and apartments bro.
2019-07-27 19:37Momoko Says:
I\'m having a very bad experience finding that most girls are much older than the age advertised. Can you post the passport birthdate picture like is done on the other websites ?
2019-07-28 20:01TTvip Says:

Hi bro, we have our working partners who will only arrange legal age girls into Singapore. We are well aware of the seriousness thus will not advertise underage girls. We will continue to encourage partners to provide the evidence of their age. If you are still of concern you can just stick to only girls who evidences. Cheers.
2019-07-28 16:45Momoko Says:
So you are saying that you advertise girls for prostitution without a proof of their actual age ? Either you know it for sure, or you don\'t.

If you don\'t, you are putting us all at great danger.
If you do have the proof for sure, then you need post it.

It\'s pretty easy, just check the girl\'s passport. If you aren\'t doing it, you are playing with fire.
2019-07-28 12:18zzc Says:
只让女的贴出来年龄就行了 其他部分打码 说实话她们还是不敢 这个网站上大部分女孩子写出来的年龄大部分都是虚假的 我可以对我说的话负责
2019-07-27 22:32TTvip Says:
Hi bro, some girls are from agents and we do not have a say in asking. Further more some girl\'s age in their passport were previously wrongly reported for family account reasons in China. Hope you can understand. Thanks.
2019-07-27 15:33Morrison Says:
Another feedback, can your gals inform on their web about when is her last day in sg?

Thank you very much
2019-07-27 22:30TTvip Says:
Due to security and safety reason, we do not encourage to list their last day. You can always check the web when you are in the mood to see who is available? Dont wait.
2019-07-27 13:33Ac Says:
TT admin need help. No reply so far.
2019-07-27 22:31TTvip Says:
You can leave your number or wechat ID bro.
2019-07-27 00:25Morrison Says:
Where is xiao han? That 18 years old gal?

Will she come back? Earn too much gold until so fast go back hometown!
2019-07-27 22:31TTvip Says:
No idea bro.. No news.
2019-07-26 20:46C Says:
2019-07-26 23:20TTvip Says:

2019-07-26 23:00Mercy Says:
2019-07-26 22:48TTvip Says:
2019-07-26 14:06TTvip Says:

Hi bro, we are independant. And we only manage this domain.
2019-07-25 12:23Joe Says:
Loli still here?
2019-07-25 14:27TTvip Says:
She is resting for awhile
2019-07-24 21:46Money Says:
Currency all in sgd?
2019-07-25 00:36TTvip Says:
2019-07-24 19:47Asking Says:
2019-07-27 12:31asking Says:
2019-07-25 04:32TTvip Says:
2019-07-25 02:04asking Says:
2019-07-25 00:36TTvip Says:
2019-07-24 19:45雨仔 Says:
你好。你的N19宝宝。真人和照片真的差太多了。胸部都没有36D。32B 最多。很失望。
2019-07-24 00:06Bboy Says:
Hi TT admin, I tried contacting scarlet, no respond for the past 4 days. Can help?
2019-07-24 01:12TTvip Says:
Hi bro, leave your wechat ID i will add you
2019-07-23 12:34Morrison Says:
Height 1.78.

100% Chinese with good perky ass.

Age 18 to 28
2019-07-24 19:23Morrison Says:
That why im asking you whether you can provide top notch gals. Above 1.7m gals will be great. Find those ahtiong that got good ass also good.

Because outside i unable to find that high quality gal esp in sg unless i look like C.Ronaldo or im rich like Jack Ma.

Thank you very much
2019-07-23 23:54薛之謙 Says:
@Morrison are you describing yourself?

In all seriousness, after playing for a few years, i haven\'t seen 1.78m tall girls (unless you add high heels to their height)
2019-07-23 00:50Ah Kent Says:
Can I date or find all of these girls at Geylang? Doesn’t feel secure going to other hotel/place
2019-07-22 21:47我们 Says:
2019-07-22 12:49LLL Says:
Rio n18 呢?被包了吗?
2019-07-22 14:31TTvip Says:
She is taking a break for the moment, will be back.
2019-07-22 01:27TTvip Says:

Leave me your Wechat and Number, I check it out for you.
2019-08-09 00:55Tommy Says:
now I want to date other girls also cannot so jialat!
2019-07-25 00:38TTvip Says:
I have yet to check for you, thus i cannot say for sure bro. I dont even know your number.
2019-07-24 23:42Tommy Says:
So meaning I cant date other girl anymore?
2019-07-21 12:50Obershot Says:
Hi I was trying to date S+29 jiu er today, she told me I don’t have hp no. record cannot book
2019-07-20 16:32Morrison Says:
Can provide more tall gals? Can provide more young gals 18 years old?

Can provide more big fat ass gal? Ask them post ass picture would be better.

That is my feedback. Thanks
2019-07-19 20:07NUS Top Students Says:
小弟我刚刚满21岁 想尝试 但是怕中性病 想请问大家的意见
2019-07-25 14:54NUS Top Students Says:
I just meet one girl. My first time here & feel very shiok. May try next time for different girls again. But have to wait for payday. Lol.
2019-07-23 01:58TTvip Says:
@NUS Grad

Hahahaha, i\'m joking bro. Peace.
2019-07-22 22:10Nus grad Says:
Hi admin bro, I am sorry if my comments did offend you. Personally, I am considered an old driver already, and have supported your site since I got hooked. I am just concerned about my junior well being, as it may lead him astray and get hooked till the point of no return
2019-07-22 20:42TTvip Says:
@NUS grad

Hi bro, if you want to get out from the circle can contatc me. I can help you. Just blacklist your everything for a start can liao.
2019-07-22 19:41NUS grad Says:
Are u really from NUS? If you just about to matriculate, please don\'t start. Once started, you will be hooked, and find yourself wanting to explore and date more girls. I graduated from NUS a few years ago and start to know about this site when I first started working. Till now, I have not being able to resist the temptations of the girls available. Just a piece of advice.
2019-07-22 14:17wiseman Says:
2019-07-21 20:30LLL Says:
nus top student 前途一片光明,还是不要玩了。
2019-07-20 13:06Dan Says:
2019-07-19 20:16TTvip Says:
我也刚独立,想自己出国玩 但又怕出意外。所以我网上读了旅游攻略,自己注意安全。也是玩的很愉快哦。
2019-07-18 15:14xx Says:
2019-07-18 17:36TTvip Says:
她在例假 休息。
2019-07-18 00:03sungrass Says:
2019-07-18 00:58TTvip Says:
2019-07-17 19:59Black bean Says:
2019-07-18 00:57TTvip Says:
2019-07-17 00:38Qwerty Says:
2019-07-18 00:57TTvip Says:
2019-07-15 21:47karate Says:
taiwan tara会回来吗
2019-07-16 02:45TTvip Says:
2019-07-15 14:49jj Says:
2019-07-15 14:55TTvip Says:
No news from her bro
2019-07-15 11:10Joe Says:
2019-07-18 09:25Joe Says:
When bro
2019-07-15 13:06TTvip Says:
2019-07-12 10:11Happyguy Says:
2019-07-15 13:06TTvip Says:
2019-07-11 22:49Black Bean Says:
Got import Japanese or Korean?
2019-07-15 13:07TTvip Says:
No bro, but if any agent is interested can come colaborate.
2019-07-09 21:3291火先生 Says:
2019-07-15 13:07TTvip Says:
2019-07-08 15:21sadguy Says:
hi admin, im trying to date S+18 but was told my record not so good. but i nvr have problem dating girls here before. can help?
2019-07-08 17:36TTvip Says:
leave your wechat bro, i will add you
2019-07-06 10:06andy Says:
2019-07-20 14:36B Says:
Hi Admin I\'m trying to get to scarllet and zhao jing please help!
2019-07-20 03:37B Says:
Okay noted
2019-07-19 18:22TTvip Says:

After you tried any of the girls, ask the girl to update me or leave me your wechat ID, i will add you.
2019-07-19 16:53B Says:
Hi How do I get added into your wechat group?
2019-07-08 17:36TTvip Says:
2019-07-04 16:34TTvip Says:

2019-07-03 17:20Old customer Says:
Hi TT Admin
I have updated my number. What is the best way to keep my record and just update number?
2019-07-03 19:40TTvip Says:
Leave me your wechat ID, let me add you bro.
2019-07-03 16:48zzc Says:
2019-07-02 21:12yong Says:
2019-07-09 02:48TTvip Says:
兄弟 你好,那个群建议别在在里面了。不会更新,群主也不用了。
2019-07-08 23:41 Says:
2019-07-03 19:10fan Says:
2019-07-02 22:28TTvip Says:
2019-07-02 02:32Wind Says:
2019-07-02 03:45TTvip Says:

2019-07-02 02:19TTvip Says:
提醒各位兄弟,发短信给女孩不要用 苹果手机 的 iMessage,不然有时他们用的手机收不到,你们有还觉得女生故意不回复你们。谢谢
2019-07-02 23:26666 Says:
2019-07-02 00:14大卫 Says:
2019-07-02 01:41TTvip Says:
2019-07-01 19:45客人 Says:
2019-07-17 01:38Jacktan Says:
2019-07-02 22:02路過的人 Says:
2019-07-02 01:43TTvip Says:
2019-07-02 00:35客人 Says:
2019-07-01 22:14TTvip Says:
2019-07-01 21:33客人 Says:
我不想做坏人.要管教,就全部女孩一起管教.不管是新人,旧人,也要强调这一点,\'Customer Is King\'.这反话,如果可以,请传达到其他网站的网主.近1年,进群是比较热门的娱乐.可是网主也不要忘记也有没在群里的客人.要对每个客人公平才对.
2019-07-01 21:07TTvip Says:
2019-06-30 15:29Handsome Says:
Hi bro, is S+20 still in SG ? Not responding... thx
2019-06-30 17:54TTvip Says:
Yes she is. You may leave your number, I will forward to her and check whats the problem.
2019-06-28 08:31温暖的爱慕者 Says:
2019-06-30 17:51TTvip Says:
2019-06-27 06:38? Says:
2019-06-30 17:52TTvip Says:
2019-06-26 21:40LanC Says:
Any New E cup babe?
2019-06-26 15:43zzc Says:
240的静静什么时候回来啊 好想约她
2019-06-26 16:58TTvip Says:
2019-06-22 13:11tianci Says:
2019-06-21 22:52TTvip Says:

Hi bro, you can leave your wechat ID, i will add you.
2019-06-21 17:46Ah keong Says:
TT admin, possible to get Japanese or Korean girl ?
2019-06-21 22:52TTvip Says:
So far no agent approach me yet. Will try to source. You guys can help intro also.
2019-06-21 08:35vv Says:

May i know when you going to implement the Membership system which you have mentioned in December2018.
2019-06-21 10:04vv Says:

Thank you for your prompt response.
2019-06-21 09:09TTvip Says:
There has been many factors delaying this system. Including current traits of customers, agents, as well as engineers. There will be some change to the intended system for the better development of the website. We apologise for the delay and will endeavour will provide a unique and transparent system for all.
2019-06-20 23:31A 哥 Says:
TT老板,请问凡儿$260的,什么时候回来新加坡 谢谢。
2019-06-21 09:06TTvip Says:
2019-06-19 14:44ABC Says:
2019-06-19 19:24TTvip Says:

2019-06-18 13:49iwmb Says:
特来感谢站长,钟情妹妹 太赞了!
除了特骚,潮吹那些有特殊技能的妹子之外,纯情靓丽小女友这类型里 钟情 绝对是第一
2019-06-18 14:57iwmb Says:
是这样呀,哎估计 火了之后 就很难约了。
2019-06-18 14:45TTvip Says:
2019-06-17 23:54k p Says:
网主 这么你们的妹妹不比其它网站多的tt网也很久了
2019-06-18 16:41vv Says:
kp 兄,这里妹妹虽然不多可大多都是优质骰。
2019-06-18 09:14k p Says:
也许吧 看了这里的评论你们的网比较有责任好像之前那个(不说名你懂的)你这里要做记录的吗
2019-06-18 00:12TTvip Says:
因为我认识的中介少 也很少打广告。还有可能是我的网费底,没法给中介太多好处吧。
2019-06-17 22:26Charles Says:
Hi trying to book milan
2019-06-17 18:34Ben Says:
Bro is Gao Gao not working? From East side
2019-06-17 14:24wjj Says:
群主 米兰 只接熟客 能不能帮忙约下
2019-06-17 14:59TTvip Says:
2019-06-17 00:10k p Says:
哦 前红网兄弟都在这里
2019-06-18 21:32vv Says:
kp 兄,
2019-06-18 15:34k p Says:
vv兄 guy 兄 你们好
2019-06-18 02:28Neutral Guy Says:
Welcome! Kp bro..
2019-06-17 08:38vv Says:
Welcome ! Kp bro..
2019-06-15 08:29Pete Says:
Any news of Ma Li coming back?
2019-06-13 10:39tianci Says:
2019-06-14 10:08习太郎 Says:
2019-06-12 19:47vv Says:
佐嫣 会回来吗
2019-06-13 21:10vv Says:
Guy 兄,
2019-06-13 18:50vv Says:
TT Admin,
2019-06-13 18:37vv Says:
我看你应该会找一个比我好的呢称,这个vv 我己在狼群用到现在。
2019-06-13 09:43Neutral Guy Says:
2019-06-12 20:45TTvip Says:
2019-06-12 12:25习太郎 Says:

2019-06-12 20:47TTvip Says:
2019-06-12 18:04去约 Says:

2019-06-10 21:35HaYu Says:
Any new girls?
2019-06-08 18:07Bill Says:
有没有什么办法让N+22 Xia Tian(夏天)答应约一下?
2019-06-08 11:17Lala Says:
2019-06-08 11:51TTvip Says:
2019-06-08 00:22xx Says:
2019-06-16 12:13 Says:
2019-06-08 11:51TTvip Says:
2019-06-06 20:50noobkid Says:
Hi...newbie here and wanna try one of S+ girls.. to all my experienced senior bros...are these girls really clean? (especially S+ girls).. do i need to worry about STD or some shit...want to try so bad also scare me out and motivate me bros pleaseee!!!!!!
2019-07-06 09:39Prokid Says:
Don’t try. Stay at home watch porn and fap
2019-06-05 17:41Chris Says:
2019-06-05 18:00TTvip Says:
2019-06-04 15:07西西卡 Says:
网主 静静还回来吗
2019-06-05 20:28想静静 Says:
2019-06-05 17:59TTvip Says:
2019-06-01 16:01Bush Says:

2019-06-01 17:57TTvip Says:
2019-05-30 14:16CC Says:
晴天 去哪里了?
2019-05-30 14:23TTvip Says:
2019-05-27 22:23想静静 Says:
2019-06-03 15:49小龙 Says:
2019-05-30 14:22TTvip Says:
2019-05-30 03:29想静静 Says:
2019-05-25 12:31$;hdh Says:
2019-05-30 14:23TTvip Says:
2019-05-22 22:26warren Says:
2019-05-22 22:36TTvip Says:
2019-05-22 11:50Boy123 Says:
Bro how to get myself registered in thw system?pr
2019-06-08 23:47boy123 Says:
I have tried the way you suggest before BUT not many girl bother to \"create record\" for their customers after the deed is done. Also sometime the girls we tried have left. Need to have a better system, girls need to take some risk.
2019-05-22 22:36TTvip Says:
Hi bro, you can let me know your Wechat ID, I will add you. Some girls dont dare to take on bros with no record with fear of legal representative or bad customers. If you can let me knnow who you tried before I can help register for you. If not, you can try other girls by showing your sincerity. First time usually is harder, but once successful, record created, future bookings will be easy.
2019-05-20 19:36Fendi Says:
2019-05-21 16:58Fendi Says:
2019-05-21 02:04TTvip Says:
你好 兄弟,可以留下你的或他的微信号给我。我会加。讯息不会被刊登出来的。
2019-05-20 15:32qong123 Says:
Hi TT admin, please add me and register for me so that I. An book.
2019-05-20 15:43TTvip Says:
Likely is your privacy setting, I can\'t find you.
2019-05-20 12:08qong123 Says:
Hi TT admin, can help book cuz I haven’t booked before, not getting any reply.
2019-05-20 12:27TTvip Says:
Hi bro, I do not help with booking as these girls are freelance. However, what some succesful bros did is try booking the cheaper girls girls with sincerity. Once first time successful, ask the girl to register your number and wechat with me. Then the rest of your bookings will be a ease.

Ultimately, girls are afraid of bad customers changing new numbers or men in blue acting as customers. Hope all bros can understand their concern.
2019-05-20 00:14jiggs4871 Says:
Hi Bro what happened to N16 and N18?
2019-05-20 02:02TTvip Says:
They RTC for family matters bro.
2019-05-18 12:22Alan Says:
2019-05-18 13:10TTvip Says:
2019-05-16 01:48LOL Says:
这么少服务也敢收 300 啊? @ttvip7, 网主,你需要好好审核审核啊! 怎么最近一批,现在来的女孩子都 乱开价! 以前都是150到180 最贵。后来就开始有一两个200 的。怎么突然间随随便便来的女孩子 就 200, 220, 240, 260, 280,300 了? 就因为稍微年轻个一两岁虽可以这样乱开价吗? @网主 这样会影响你们的好口碑,和你们这个网的信誉!
2019-05-18 13:08Wayne Says:
我明天去新加坡。 是不是一等奖那个要注册才能约啊?
2019-05-16 22:18TTvip Says:
Hi truthful bro, appreciate the acknowledgement. Ask for your appraisal, we do have genuine bros whom have added me on their wechat thus I do know several of the feedbacks are real. As for whether its A or B, 70% or 90%, I leave it for you bros to judge.
2019-05-16 20:34Truthful Says:
Web master is doing a great job in providing quality girls. You can\'t probably ask them to tell their customers (girls) the price to charge. But the web master can allow more genuine feedbacks to be published and not all the positive one. E.g. The $280 girl wasn\'t that great but look at the comments, all super good one. No one ever mentioned that she is a A boob and only 70+ % similar to photo. I suspect someone behind writing all her positive feedback for her.
2019-05-16 09:47TTvip Says:



2019-05-16 01:39HUH Says:
这个 N+21 JoJo 的女孩 220,怎么一个评论都没?是服务不好吗?
2019-05-16 09:28Neutral Guy Says:
N+22 的 Alina 也是,而且没有回复。
2019-05-15 14:06习太郎 Says:
2019-05-14 23:43习太郎 Says:
2019-05-16 02:31TTvip Says:
2019-05-16 01:36WHAT Says:
杜鹃 回去了? 没看到她挂网了!
2019-05-15 11:02vv Says:
2019-05-14 20:54小鹿 Says:
2019-05-15 14:53vv Says:
Guy 兄,
她的主页有 69 服务,就是沒有舔鮑魚只可以闻而己
2019-05-15 11:25Neutral Guy Says:

2019-05-15 11:04vv Says:
Guy 兄,
2019-05-15 10:04Neutral Guy Says:
不好意思,少写一个字: overall是不错。
2019-05-15 09:50Neutral Guy Says:
我忘了,上下好像不是很粉,normal lor。 Beauty and Figure 是不会让你失望 unless你的审美观很高, overall是错 but bbbj 需要improve.
她很健谈,不会attitude的, of course 你也要对她friendly lah!
2019-05-10 23:42sam Says:
how can i register my new number?
2019-05-16 09:48TTvip Says:
You can leave your wechat ID, I will add you to verify. We do not simply register a new number.
2019-05-07 18:13Rustynail Says:
Hi admin, wanna book kesha at 7pm today. Thanks
2019-05-08 09:41TTvip Says:
You can just sms her bro.
2019-05-07 18:09Rh Says:
Hi bro, how do i register? Wanted to book kesha but was prompted to register with u.
2019-05-08 09:41TTvip Says:
Hi bro, you can let me know your Wechat ID, I will add you. Some girls dont dare to take on bros with no record with fear of legal representative or bad customers. If you can let me knnow who you tried before I can help register for you. If not, you can try other girls by showing your sincerity. First time usually is harder, but once successful, record created, future bookings will be easy.
2019-05-07 08:50?? Says:
2019-05-09 11:11TTvip Says:
2019-05-08 18:37?? Says:
2019-05-08 09:36TTvip Says:
2019-05-05 13:59壮弟 Says:
2019-05-05 10:21Hello Says:
Let\'s bring in more girls! Maybe more from Taiwan and HK
2019-05-08 09:34TTvip Says:
I hope too!
2019-05-04 19:46jiggs4871 Says:
Hi bro, after setting wechat how do i add or talk there?
2019-05-05 01:43TTvip Says:
You can forward me your wechat ID, I will add you bro.
2019-05-04 13:31Wangz Says:
2019-05-05 01:41TTvip Says:
怎么找 这种是可遇不可求的。。。
2019-04-30 16:05Hello Says:
What happened to 若素?
2019-04-30 22:44TTvip Says:
Just taking a break bro.
2019-04-29 23:01Asking Says:
Where is 安安 ?The new girl
2019-04-30 04:36TTvip Says:
She is taking a break for the moment. Will be back in a few days time.
2019-04-26 23:09Yaoyao Fan Says:
TT Admin is Yao yao still avaiable?
2019-04-27 12:32TTvip Says:
When she needs money, yes.
2019-04-27 12:22Yaoyao Fan Says:
Will she be coming back?
2019-04-27 11:01TTvip Says:
She returned to China bro.
2019-04-26 00:03TT Says:
2019-04-27 14:25TT Says:
2019-04-27 10:59TTvip Says:
2019-04-22 21:20HJ Says:
TT admin,

2019-04-27 11:01TTvip Says:
2019-04-22 21:14HJ Says:
How can i join?
2019-04-22 19:11rookie Says:
2019-04-22 09:57Bigben Says:
Hi TT,
Is there a way to contact and meet girls without setting wechat on my phone?
Also which girl would you advise for non Chinese speakers?
Thanks :)
2019-04-22 22:25Bigben Says:
Thanks bro
2019-04-22 11:48TTvip Says:
You can SMS them bro. Also, you should try to use google translator as they mostly doesnt understand English. Try to use short words to avoid translation mistakes.
2019-04-20 00:59习太郎 Says:

2019-04-22 09:39妹子们,赚钱不容易 Says:
2019-04-21 10:38老司機 Says:
2019-04-17 06:01Samwise Says:
Any girls provide SM?
2019-04-16 19:20XYZ Says:
2019-04-16 13:49不爽的狼 Says:
2019-04-17 17:35老司機 Says:
2019-04-15 09:19jy Says:
2730号 Qing Qing(晴晴).

2019-04-15 10:42TTvip Says:
Hi bro, we will check and verify. Thanks.
2019-04-15 08:46aisex Says:
前几天 东陵风波 具体是怎么回事啊? 妹子们都还安全吗?
2019-04-22 01:42aisex Says:
只割小鸡鸡呀 松了一口气。
2019-04-19 20:40香港仔 Says:
2019-04-15 16:25aisex Says:
风波过去了 太好了
想知道 万一被抓了 妹子是要被遣返吧?
2019-04-15 10:43TTvip Says:
2019-04-14 23:55Hello Says:
Perhaps admin should try to locate girls in different hotels. Not always putting them in the same ones. Too obvious to be always going back to the usual hotel to meet girls.
2019-04-15 10:44TTvip Says:
We will try to advise. Thanks bro.
2019-04-14 19:17LLL Says:
why N+13 xiao xi missing again?
2019-04-15 10:44TTvip Says:
She stopped working for now.
2019-04-14 16:36vt Says:
2019-04-17 21:43Beast Says:
2019-04-17 16:52水儿 Says:
2019-04-16 12:12帅哥哥哥哥 Says:
2019-04-14 18:06vt Says:
2019-04-14 18:02TTvip Says:
2019-04-12 13:34Hhh Says:
Big s why don’t have her advertisements?
2019-04-12 15:12TTvip Says:
Many girls were informed not contactable, thats why we decided to inform all relevant webs to temporary remove their advs so that bros need not waste time contacting someone who is not available.
2019-04-11 19:00Peter Says:
What has happened to An Na, An An and Ma Li?
2019-04-15 15:11YOLO Says:
Happy Ending @
M Social!
2019-04-14 20:15Banker Says:
The girls have been released pending further inquiries. But you can still reached out to them privately. Of course you can negotiate with them privately. The biggest bidder will get the prize.
2019-04-12 12:21Jason Says:
I heard police was in the hotel yesterday... hope they are ok
2019-04-12 10:57TTvip Says:
I can only say that they are not contactable......
2019-04-12 06:17Adam Says:
TT Admin - I am looking for my regular girls... Ma Li and AnAn and An na... hotel service... do you know where they are?
2019-04-11 22:02Jake Says:
Most likely up the lorry Liao
2019-04-11 21:54Eric Says:
TT admin. What has happened to these favorite girls?
2019-04-10 23:40Lonewolf Says:
Beside PRC or other country girls
2019-04-10 02:51Jake Says:
QC seems lacking as disappointed when the recent ladies open the door as need to heavily discount pictures and reviews
2019-04-13 22:27Jake Says:
Li Zi Zi Han 2 recent
2019-04-11 17:18皮卡球 Says:
Any examples?Which girl CMI?
2019-04-09 14:39牛郎 Says:
2019-04-12 17:25狄奇哥 Says:
2019-04-12 13:10vv Says:
She is here.First page.
2019-04-11 06:00老司機 Says:
2019-04-08 00:10P’pol Says:
Hi TT admin,

Want book girls but number is not registered so no replies to my messages. Please help. Thanks.
2019-04-08 02:31TTvip Says:
Please leave your number in the reply bro, i will check for you and advise you.
2019-04-02 23:31MT1122 Says:
TT Bro,

N+13(Xiao Xi)怎么没挂网了?
2019-04-02 23:59TTvip Says:
She got slight injury, will have to stop for awhile. Not too big an issue.
2019-04-01 19:231212 Says:
TT Admin,

can you help me to check if my account us still activated and in use
2019-04-01 19:37TTvip Says:
Hi bro, all TT web accounts are lost since the last major incident. We will be implementing a new system for all to register in due course.
2019-03-31 20:45TTvip Says:

Hi bro, do leave your wechat so I can check with you who you tried before. And possibly assist you.
2019-05-24 02:13yyy Says:
2019-04-03 16:23sASHa Says:
Thank you. Done.
2019-03-26 11:42basaka Says:
TT 约过一次二妞,现在她还在吗 什么时候回来,好怀念跟她一起的时光 帮帮忙 谢谢
2019-04-08 16:33操妳娘 Says:
2019-03-27 10:59basaka Says:
2019-03-26 22:23Diulei Says:
2019-03-26 16:07TTvip Says:
2019-03-26 11:05Qq Says:
Hi bro can you help me check my number record?
2019-03-26 16:05TTvip Says:
Your number has not been active for awhile. But no bad record.
2019-03-22 13:07TTvip Says:

Hi bro, your wechat ID cannot find your wechat. Please check.
2019-03-22 12:54JL1985SG Says:
Brother.. ur girls all don want to take my job... say no record.. pls help?
2019-03-22 13:14TTvip Says:
Hi bro, you can leave your wechat ID, I will add you to verify and assist further.
2019-03-21 16:18Truthful Says:
This webpage only can post good n fake comments. Can you guys find any bad comments? How to believe even if the comments are true. Webmaster y dun let the bad comments appear for short period of time just like sg wolves and den delete it. At least the gals will know and improve their services. For example Lizi\'s look is okay but attitude is terrible n no one has ever comment on it. I did try to post but it never come out.
2019-03-25 16:18TTvip Says:

Hi bro, If you find any comment that is fake, do let me know. So that I can check on the authencity of it.
2019-03-25 14:04asd Says:
agree with your comment. its so hard to know which girl is good and then the price is keep going up.too many fake fr.
2019-03-21 18:42TTvip Says:
Hi bro, I believe I asked for your Wehcat ID? If not you can leave your ID here for me to add you for further verification.
2019-03-21 15:14ivan Says:
2019-03-21 18:47TTvip Says:
2019-03-21 12:49Tofu Says:
Hi, I tried to 约 Karen but she say my number no record.
2019-03-21 18:44TTvip Says:
Hi bro, do leave your wechat ID for me to add you so taht I can assist with your number record.
2019-03-20 19:56123 Says:
TT Admin,
请问下 安然 An ran是暂时回国了?还是没有做了?
2019-03-21 21:51123 Says:
TT Admin
2019-03-20 23:01TTvip Says:
2019-03-19 19:43KoR Says:
TT admin.. some girls from overseas Mongolia, Korean, chinese already in Singapore want to register here. what is the procedure.
2019-03-19 20:54TTvip Says:
Hi bro, can leave the wechat ID here, I will add and further arrange. Thanks!

(We will not publish the ID post)
2019-03-19 15:39i k o Says:
2019-03-19 16:01TTvip Says:
2019-03-19 11:491 Says:
2019-03-19 14:55TTvip Says:
2019-03-19 07:22Mars Says:
Help check, ladies say my number no record
2019-03-19 10:29TTvip Says:
I have added your wechat. You can let me know your number to check.
2019-03-19 00:35Mars Says:
Why ladies say my number has no record? So many number registering system? How to join all sia....
2019-03-19 01:47TTvip Says:
You can leave your wechat ID bro, I will see how I can helpl.
2019-03-18 23:38Jake Says:
Had a date with S+ girl and bro wrapped her clock. No cool bro
2019-03-19 01:46TTvip Says:
Yes, Let\'s stick to our timing and not delay next bro\'s timing.

Then again sometime its not the girl\'s fault. Hope all bros can understand. Some girl\'s did try to remind.

When there is such situation, girl\'s will have to try to rearrange several timings. Cheers
2019-03-18 21:22Wave Says:
Admin, any girl who can squirt?
2019-03-25 02:38TTvip Says:
They do not want to be named.
2019-03-25 01:31Hihix Says:
TTvip, perhaps you do not understand what I\'m trying to say, you mentioned that you heard there are 2 girls that can squirt, and we are merely asking which are the 2 girls which you mentioned. Doesn\'t matter if the 2 girls list it as their speciality or not. We merely want to know who are this 2 girls so customers like us can try, regardless if the girls are really able to squirt or not.
2019-03-24 14:23TTvip Says:
Hi Hihix

They rather not list it as one of their speciality. Usually because they cannot squirt for all or most of the time. This is not leaving things hanging. Its they do not wish to be listed.
2019-03-24 11:47Hihix Says:
TTvip. just list the names of the 2 girls, don\'t just leave it hanging.
2019-03-21 01:10ahboy Says:
which are the 2 girls? would like to try them
2019-03-18 22:27TTvip Says:
There is 2 girls I heard can Squirt but not always thus never publicise. They rather not list it as one of their speciality.
2019-03-18 15:29表弟 Says:
2019-03-18 22:27TTvip Says:
2019-03-16 21:03Lol Says:
Any gitls can speak english?
2019-03-20 09:11Jake Says:
Try Karen. Speaks decent English
2019-03-16 08:37女神回来啦 Says:
2019-03-16 13:20TTvip Says:
2019-03-16 00:44Abc Says:
S+ 夏天回国了吗?
2019-03-16 01:25TTvip Says:
2019-03-15 11:34Gentlewolf Says:
Can you improve your search ability. Right now it seems you can search only by the girl id number.
2019-03-15 12:03TTvip Says:
Hi bro, you can share what are the factors you want to search, I see can add in new version or not.
2019-03-15 11:31好的哈 Says:
2019-03-15 12:03TTvip Says:
2019-03-14 15:09国强 Says:
好久没有写了,去台湾走走。前两天我在微信看到有一位韩国小姐$600,我约了她。她住附近医院酒店。进去她的房间,那时候我本来就想要走了,但是没有办法了,看到她穿性感衣服,她马上开始扒衣服。老实说这位小姐不是很漂亮,胸围很小。 高高苗条而已。半个小时我就走了。心里很失望,小姐比不上ttvip7 $200 / $260。原来这些微信评论,都是假的。听到代理声音好像是印度人。
还是不要去找小姐在这些 微信当网络。 我觉得新的狼网 ttvip7 是最好网络。
2019-03-15 12:08TTvip Says:



2019-03-15 12:02Yap shuiming Says:
微信当网络,我想还是在 ttvip7 网络 约小姐最好把。这些微信当网络有两个就是 sgsexycat 和 singaporeescortagency.他们的操作是用一位女人听接电话,信息。不能联络小姐。价格也特别高。我每年都有几次去台湾。现在台湾经济不好,模特,空姐 现在4000台币就可以找到了。韩国小姐我不在说。
请各位兄弟小心点约这些微信小姐。我建议还是在 ttvip7 网络 最好。不要相信他们说一分钱一分货。

2019-03-14 21:58vv Says:

2019-03-14 21:27TTvip Says:
感谢 谢谢大家的支持
2019-03-14 18:59铁人 Says:
我一向只选择 TTvip 的女孩,TTvip 介绍給我的女孩从沒让我失望过.众多兄弟放心约,绝对靠谱.
2019-03-14 15:44TTvip Says:
2019-03-13 13:26BBCC Says:
Why did you remove bad reviews? This site cannot accept bad reviews?
2019-03-13 13:47TTvip Says:
Hi bro, we accept and will publish any credible reviews like yours and will continue to monitor. But we will also give girls chance to improve and not break their rice bowl. If they continue to make the same fault, we will assess the problem and rectify it. Our only motive is to uphold the brand name as well as make sure girls improve. Hope you can understand and be on the same page with us. Thank you.
2019-03-11 13:43Mrfapper Says:
2848 lily never answer my call, pls check thank you
2019-03-11 15:06TTvip Says:
You can leave your number bro, I will check for you.
2019-03-11 08:25毛毛虫 Says:
2019-03-11 12:00TTvip Says:
2019-03-10 21:51帅哥 Says:
2019-03-11 00:23TTvip Says:
2019-03-09 21:29君子 Says:
2019-03-10 13:26TTvip Says:
2019-03-09 15:39Unzip Says:
How can I join?
2019-03-09 17:06TTvip Says:
Just let me know which girl on this website you tried before, and I will register for you bro.
2019-03-08 13:10小狼儿 Says:
2019-03-08 13:14TTvip Says:
2019-03-08 02:27Zzzz Says:
现在是有那个妹子有做 双飞 呢?
2019-03-07 05:40寻快乐 Says:
2019-03-07 14:30TTvip Says:
2019-03-06 15:16TTvip Says:

The only way to register now is to tell me whom you have tried and update for you. You can leave your wechat ID for me to add you.
2019-05-05 01:59TTvip Says:

Do leave your wechat ID, i will add you
2019-05-05 01:16abc Says:
Hi Bro, i contact N 18 but she say i got no record
Can help me?
2019-03-05 15:29TTvip Says:


2019-03-04 16:55Brooo Says:
2019-03-04 22:59TTvip Says:
2019-03-04 13:59Enquiry Says:
Can i register using only mobile number without the need for wechat id?
2019-03-06 09:18Me Says:
Hi admin. How do i register?
2019-03-04 21:53TTvip Says:
You can leave your number here and also let me know which girl you tried. I will check and update for you.
2019-03-04 09:51色鬼 Says:
2019-03-01 17:06小龙 Says:
2019-03-01 17:17TTvip Says:
2019-02-27 21:33John Says:
Hi Admin, I am trying to book N+3 Bai Wan but there\'s no response from her. Can help me look into it?
2019-02-27 22:18TTvip Says:
Hi bro, you can leave your Wechat ID, i will add you.
2019-02-25 00:35lucas Says:
2019-02-25 18:44哥哥 Says:
2019-02-25 00:39TTvip Says:
2019-02-24 15:27sASHa Says:
2019-02-19 21:10小飞鱼 Says:
2019-02-19 21:34TTvip Says:
兄弟,留下你的手机号码,我帮你看看。 你也可以留下微信号,我加你。
2019-02-17 15:17小龙 Says:
2019-03-03 00:01LLL Says:
2019-02-19 21:33TTvip Says:
2019-02-16 14:17LLL Says:

10/2 星期天 早上约了现在的S+18 Joy 12点见。结果11:45am联系她,她居然说下面肿了又痒又疼要休息。我问他为什么不早通知他说是起床才发现。可是为什么我联系她才高树我?

今天16/2 约她明天星期天12点。她说我没记录不接。不过奇怪的是上星期天为什么她接?然后放飞机?我看她是早就知道会放我飞机的所以不在乎随便接,是吗?网管我这里有以前越过妹子的联系记录如果你要我可以截图。以前是在狼群网约的。如果妹子不接可以看是就拒绝不要浪费我时间。害我白白浪费20快搭出租车去。如果妹子是真的要玩弄我,那你自己好知为知了
2019-02-16 13:14小哥 Says:
2019-02-16 15:30TTvip Says:
2019-02-15 04:38 Says:
2019-02-13 14:42Tata Says:
Hi admin,
Shangshang is still not contactable. Pls help
2019-02-13 16:57TTvip Says:
2019-02-13 15:24TTvip Says:
Do leave your number so I can remind her bro.
2019-02-13 03:07FreshMeat Says:
Any girls that can squirt? Please recommend
2019-02-13 00:16Guy Says:
Hi admin, first time around here so i went to try and book a girl but she say she couldnt take as my number is not registered. How?
2019-02-14 00:35TTvip Says:
Hi bro, do leave your wechat id, i will add you.
2019-02-13 23:26Guy Says:
Just booked N+7 yihuan, can update?
2019-02-13 15:25TTvip Says:
Do try other girls where some girls might be less resistant with new numbers. So show your sincerity when booking as they fear that new numbers might be bad customers or Police.

It would be the loss of the girl if they doesnt believe you.

Once you tried any girl successfully, do let me know and I will be able to update for you. Thereafter your future booking will be a piece of cake. Cheers and happy bonking.
2019-02-12 11:43Tata Says:
Hi admin,

Try to book s+9 but no reply. Please help.
2019-02-12 13:16TTvip Says:
She accidentally change to the china sim card, so yesterday alot of bros couldnt find her. But its rectified now. Thanks.
2019-02-12 10:12Superman Says:
Bro shang shang is massage only?
2019-02-12 13:15TTvip Says:
Menses now bro, got to wait as few days.
2019-02-11 15:17sytlover Says:
hi brothers,
can recommend which girls have tight pussy....thanks!
2019-02-10 22:37LLL Says:
10/2/2019 请问今天有人成功约到N+10 Joy 的吗?
2019-02-16 19:01开心 Says:
2019-02-10 18:25Roy Says:
Admin, can you please contact me?
2019-02-10 19:22TTvip Says:
Hi bro, do leave your wechat id, I will add you.
2019-02-10 16:55Leste Says:
Hi admin, want to book the girls but number not registered so no one replied. Help thanks!
2019-02-10 17:19TTvip Says:
Hi bro, we no longer register numbers just through a message. Do try other girls where some girls might be less resistant with new numbers. So show your sincerity when booking as they fear that new numbers might be bad customers or Police.

It would be the loss of the girl if they doesnt believe you.

Once you tried any girl successfully, do let me know and I will be able to update for you. Thereafter your future booking will be a piece of cake. Cheers and happy bonking.
2019-02-06 16:19华仔 Says:
2019-02-07 11:36伟仔 Says:
2019-02-06 09:04Rai Says:
Any girls that can squirt?
2019-02-05 21:36TTvip Says:

Hi bro, you can leave your Wechat ID? I will add you see how I can help you.
2019-02-04 11:27Hello Says:
Hi admin, could you try to bring back gems from wolves? Like Rou Su, Meng Xiao etc.
2019-02-04 13:13Hello Says:
Thank you bro! Can\'t wait to see them again. 姜还是老的辣!
2019-02-04 11:57TTvip Says:
Hi bro, am still in contact with them. Don’t worry, there’s plans.
2019-02-03 19:00zzc Says:
2019-02-04 11:57TTvip Says:
2019-02-02 21:33S.Cove Says:
2019-02-12 01:22TTvip Says:
2019-02-12 00:09毛毛虫 Says:
2019-02-05 14:12vv Says:
enjoy bro...
2019-02-05 10:29S. Cove Says:
Thanks,bro. I will try S+17 soon. Hope shes as good as you say.
2019-02-04 12:04vv Says:
S.Cove bro,
One more thing to add, actually all ladies here are of good quality and is for you to discover.For me, once chemistry is right and the type of services meet my expectation, i will just return for more.
2019-02-04 00:15vv Says:
S.cove bro,
我只是分享我的体验和写好评,从不介绍,因为每个人和妹子的chemistry 和你所要的服务不同。可以参考我给S+17 的评语。Hope you have a great sexprience. enjoy....
2019-02-03 21:22S.Cove Says:
2019-02-03 12:53vv Says:
已经上岸了,从良了。应该为她高兴,是嘛,Guy 兄最清楚的。
2019-02-01 23:08Frank Says:
Just found this website, how can I book these girls.???
2019-02-02 09:28TTvip Says:
Hi bro, their contact numbers are listed. You can message them directly. Do use a translator and let them know your enthic of you are not Chinese. Cheers.
2019-02-01 14:17TTvip Says:

2019-01-31 16:39Lin Says:
Admin can help ??? I wan book Yi Huan but no reply can help ??
2019-01-31 17:30TTvip Says:
Hi bro, we will forward your given number to her to remind her.
2019-01-29 03:35很硬 Says:
2019-01-28 11:41色鬼 Says:
2019-01-27 15:06authentic Says:
boss, nice website you have here.
2019-01-27 15:08TTvip Says:
Thanks bro! Look forward to your support!
2019-01-25 11:18mimilover Says:
Hi Admin,

I tried to contact mimi but she dont dare meet because my number not registered. Can you please let her know?

2019-01-25 12:04TTvip Says:
Hi bro, can you be more specific which mimi? Thanks
2019-01-25 03:07TTvip Says:
@ Jason

Hi bro, your wechat ID cannot be found. Pls check our privacy setting.
2019-01-23 10:09BBB Says:
2019-01-23 13:55TTvip Says:
2019-01-21 17:05夏洛特 Says:
2019-01-29 13:30Slayer Says:
2019-01-28 19:31Slayer Says:
2019-01-27 16:10TTvip Says:
2019-01-27 15:53Slayer Says:
2019-01-23 13:13vv Says:
yes, well said bro, everyone is good here, if the Time and $$$ permit.
2019-01-22 19:04大帅哥 Says:
2019-01-22 07:41萧十一狼 Says:
2019-01-22 00:13老干妈 Says:
2019-01-19 22:46Ohnupp Says:
Hi admin, can contact me via my wechat ID? Would like to book one of the girls but couldnt get a response.
2019-01-21 16:39TTvip Says:
Pls see above pictures on how to set your wechat ID.
2019-01-20 00:36TTvip Says:
Hi bro, likely your privacy setting is restircting the id search. Pls let me know.
2019-01-18 20:52大帅哥 Says:
2019-01-26 14:30狄奇哥 Says:
2019-01-25 01:16很硬 Says:
2019-01-22 19:00狄奇哥 Says:
2019-01-21 18:31很硬 Says:
2019-01-18 16:44很硬 Says:
我要约美女 牛车水一带的
2019-01-18 16:29Woes Says:
2019-01-19 12:28Woes Says:
很可惜错过了最近杜鹃诗妍也不在 有劳多引进一点这种水准的
2019-01-18 23:50叶下有虫 Says:
2019-01-18 20:04TTvip Says:
2019-01-18 15:14hi Says:
2019-01-18 20:02TTvip Says:
2019-01-17 23:08sss Says:
2019-01-18 10:30机器人 Says:
2019-01-17 20:10好色之徒 Says:
2019-01-17 23:36TTvip Says:
2019-01-16 11:18萧十一狼 Says:
2019-01-25 20:50kenwolf Says:
2019-01-16 10:06萧十一狼 Says:
2019-01-16 12:56TTvip Says:

2019-01-16 00:40伤心的 Says:
2019-01-22 00:15蟋蟀 Says:
2019-01-19 14:23被欺骗 Says:
2019-01-16 02:14TTvip Says:
2019-01-15 16:59G81 Says:
Hi bro can help me check S+13 message many times no reply
2019-01-16 02:15TTvip Says:
Hi bro, I will need your number in order to check for you. Good if you can leave your wechat ID so that we can update faster. Cheers.
2019-01-15 00:23bb789 Says:
Hi bro, when will Yvette be back?
2019-01-15 13:58TTvip Says:
Not sure bro, she is taking a short break.
2019-01-14 15:44Old wolf Says:
Ever since wolves was shutdown several girls I dated at website xxxx has very bad service or attitude. So I’m giving up on website xxxx。I hope here can manage it like wolves where customers comment are taken seriously. Those who continues to be bad should not be protected. Of course those that improved should be given a second chance.
2019-01-15 13:59TTvip Says:
We will do our best bro! Thanks!
2019-01-14 13:50Big daddy Says:
2019-01-14 15:45TTvip Says:
2019-01-14 13:49kushinboyum Says:
TT admin can help booking, not replying me
2019-01-14 15:47TTvip Says:
What is your number and who you booked successfully before? You can leave your number here, we will not publish it out.
2019-01-10 22:35Dude Says:
2019-01-11 14:21国强 Says:
2019-01-10 09:07Win Says:
之前有个在central 的。酒店按摩。沐子。谁知道怎样联络吗?
2019-01-10 10:30三太狼 Says:
2019-01-07 16:23Lalala Says:
2019-01-07 22:46国强 Says:
过去在狼群网络时代真的蛮多好的小姐,我可以点几位 :

Yo Yo ( $230 )这位特别好,工作做好了还陪伴聊天没穿衣服,不看手机。
欣悦 ( 服务 蛮好 , 不看接电话 ).


2019-01-07 18:18TTvi p Says:
2019-01-06 21:17处男 Says:
2019-01-07 18:18TTvip Says:
2019-01-06 07:01国强 Says:
我也希望网主有一个 \" Transparant Policy \".
2019-01-04 18:19Thunderbolt Says:
哇! 萧兄,vv兄,Guy兄: 你们都三位都在这哦,好久不见了! 你们可好啊?
2019-01-17 01:03Neutral Guy Says:
Thunderbolt 兄,我们大多数都是在讨论和分享女孩。。
2019-01-15 07:56Thunderbolt Says:
Guy兄,我很好,谢谢你。你们有自己的群吗? 里面都说些什么的?
2019-01-10 16:14Neutral Guy Says:
Thunderbolt 兄, 你好吗? 没有你的微信不然可以拉你进群。
2019-01-06 00:37萧十一狼 Says:
2019-01-05 22:03vv Says:
Thunderbolt 兄,
你好,好久不见了,enjoy bro...
2019-01-04 17:03萧十一狼 Says:
2019-01-05 11:48sguy Says:
2019-01-04 15:34浪子心声 Says:
2019-03-21 17:12囗交哥 Says:
2019-01-03 11:56AquaMan Says:
2019-01-02 10:38Brooooo Says:
程熙 没回应管理员能帮忙吗?
2019-01-02 13:34TTvip Says:
你好 兄弟,我们帮你通知她了。她没有你的短信记录。你发短信给她吧。
2019-01-01 21:05人非草木 Says:
兄弟們 你們會幾次回頭 如果遇到喜歡的妹妹
2019-01-06 09:11jacktan Says:
2019-01-01 19:41Brooooo Says:
2018-12-30 07:32一品楼 Says:
TT, 我要约程熙,可没收到回应。可以帮个小忙?
2019-01-01 17:06一品楼 Says:
2019-01-01 13:16孤狼 Says:
2018-12-31 20:34一品楼 Says:
2018-12-30 17:48TTvip Says:
2018-12-30 17:28一品楼 Says:
2018-12-30 11:58TTvip Says:
2018-12-29 21:36Got Says:
兄弟,Yvette 是不是回国了呀,怎么联系不上了
2018-12-29 21:49TTvip Says:
兄弟,Yvette 现在休息中。
2018-12-29 18:33Neutral Guy Says:
@vv兄, Agreed, White background is much better.
2019-01-10 15:48風流才子 Says:
Hello Neutral Guy
2018-12-29 21:57vv Says:
Guy 兄,thanks , hope all bros also liked it
2018-12-29 12:40vv Says:
TT Admin,
Webpage with white background very comfortable in viewing, great improvement .
How about the previous membership system?
2018-12-29 21:58vv Says:
TT Admin,
2018-12-29 15:55TTvip Says:
We will after some time implement the system.

If there are fake photos or bad service, Leave your phone number or wechat ID for us to verify

如果有假照片 或者 服务不好的地方 您可以留下手机号码或微信号方便我们核实